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Happy Summer
A Message from Mary Lou Andre

mla fall2012 150X186 This month, we introduce Fast Fashion Advice, a new virtual service that allows you to get a quick (within 24 hours) critique of up to three photos. We take the guesswork out with a big thumbs-up (or a gentle thumbs-down), all while providing guidance about why outfits work and/or how to make them better. Learn more. We welcome the opportunity to work with you wherever you reside.

Some of you may recall that we used to share The Summer Shoe Pledge each year in our summer newsletter. Originally emailed to us in 1999, I'm not sure who authored it, but I do know it was always a hit. We now have it posted on our blog. Read it, share it and enjoy it. We welcome your comments, too!

Finally, a special shout-out to all the dads in our midst. If you are looking for a special gift for a special dad, consider a Dressing Well gift certificate. We help guys of all ages and professions navigate shopping while giving them the extra confidence that comes with a polished appearance.

Enjoy this truly glorious season. We are around all summer to help you put your best foot forward, sandals and all!

Mary Lou Andre
Mary Lou Andre
Editor, dressingwell.com
President & Founder, Organization By Design, Inc.
mlandre@dressingwell.com | 800-578-3770


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