Elizabeth Fragala's Client Testimonials

Here's what some of our private clients have to say after working with Organization By Design, Inc. fashion consultant Elizabeth Fragala:

"Thank YOU so much! Before yesterday there were times that I would have rather had a painful dental procedure than go to the mall and shop for clothes. If your fee was double it would still have been worth every penny! (and you can quote me in a testimonial on that if you'd like...) How fun it is to have decisions to make about which wonderful piece of clothing I will wear in the morning! Thanks again for a great day and my awesome new closet full of perfect fitting and looking clothes."

"I just wanted to tell you what a great time I had with Elizabeth yesterday. I would have never thought it was possible to assemble a practically complete business wardrobe in 2 hours. We actually spent 3 hours together at the mall but the third was "accessorizing" and shoe shopping. Elizabeth has a great eye and put together outfits I would have never tried on my own."

"I have lost twelve pounds since my "makeover" with you — and that is without trying. I think a happier person has a higher metabolism! And even if I hadn't lost any weight, the clothes we selected are much more flattering than what I used to wear. I'm still LOVING getting dressed in the morning! My brother (who I would have never guessed notices these things) even commented about how I seem different — not just the clothes, but my outlook — he said I seem to be happier and prettier. And you know what, I feel happier and prettier! Thank you!"

"In just two appointments, Elizabeth has completely streamlined and improved my wardrobe to better enable my lifestyle. Now, I am not only well put together, but also more comfortable than I have ever been! The in home consultation and the shopping experience were extremely sound investments. As a sales executive and mother of two children under five, this service has been invaluable to me."

"It was so stress-free to sit in the fitting room waiting for your next armload of discovered clothes! And fun! I hate trying to find pretty clothes in the size 20 racks. Yet you breezed into the fitting room with things that worked in my size. Unbelievable — thank you!"

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