How to Wear A Tux

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Needham, MA — Planning to wear a tuxedo this Prom Season? Listen up!

We asked Mitzi Kaitz of Solomon Clothiers in Newton to share her top strategies for guys choosing to wear formal wear this spring. Here's what she has to say:

  • Wear either braces, a vest or a cummerbund — never a cummerbund and braces at the same time.
  • Own both a vest and/or cummerbund and braces. Women change their formal dress all the time. Why not alter your look too?
  • Vests can vary in pattern and color, allowing you to express the different facets of your personality.
  • The addition of a pocket square adds to the elegance of any tuxedo.
  • A hand-tied bow tie is your most sophisticated option. There is no mistaking the difference of a hand-tied bow tie over a pre-tied one.
  • Your bow tie and cummerbund do not have to match. If they don't, one or the other should be in a solid color.
  • Wear silk socks with formal wear. Heavy socks are not appropriate. And, as always, wear socks that are calf or knee high. Skin showing when you cross your legs negates class from even the most elegantly tailor-made tuxedo.
  • Your shoes should be unencumbered. Wear plain leather footwear, free of tassels or ornate stitching. If your personality allows, a pair of patent leather shoes makes a nice finishing touch.
  • Traditional tuxedos are always correct, but the more fashion-forward gentleman will find cutting-edge attire with velvet, three buttons, and rich colors — not recommended for men who buy a tuxedo every ten years or more. Four-stud shirts are becoming more commonplace and best for anyone who wears a cummerbund rather than a vest.