Mary Lou Andre
Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Power of Red (& Pink!)

By Mary Lou Andre

We love the color red and are always looking for new ways for clients to wear it well.

In professional situations, we often treat it like a neutral for women, grabbing red jackets, skirts, pants, blouses, dresses, shoes and bags that are appropriate for business to give a pop of color to what is often an otherwise fairly dark wardrobe.

Where I personally have the most fun incorporating red into a wardrobe is with evening wear. Coordinated well, it can be bold, sexy and eye-catching all at the same time.

When one of our fashion-forward New York clients recently needed something to wear to an annual breast cancer awareness benefit sponsored by her company, we shopped in her closet and pulled off a fresh look by pairing a slightly cropped, hot pink sweater with a full-length red taffeta skirt. Gold jewelry, sandals and a clutch were the perfect finishing touches to keep the look soft and pretty. It was perfect for a Tuesday night in Manhattan and helped her stand out in a crowd wearing all pink.


Some celebs who wear this trend well.

My advice for all you Fashionistas out there looking for a fresh spin on red this Valentine’s Day weekend is to grab something feminine and fun in pink, pair it with red and knock his socks off! (And… for the site visitor who wrote in to ask if we think it is stylish for men to wear red socks to evening events, our answer is not so much. We are not fans of red socks on any male human over the age of 3 – unless they’re Santa Claus!)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Jacqui Budd 2015-02-13 10:44

I always loved this combo, however, when I tried to wear red & pink as a child (selecting my own outfits) my older sister would not be seen with me!!!

Mary Lou 2015-02-13 12:58

Great to hear from you Jacqui! If your sister only knew back then what a budding fashionista you were!
Keep up the good work at Dress for Success Boston. Fun to see you on the jumbo screen at last month's luncheon. Your commitment to this organization is beyond impressive.

Dianne M. Daniels 2015-02-13 12:00

I am SO glad you wrote this article! I've used red as a signature color for many years, but it seems that SO many people are using it now. I took some photos recently in a bright fuschia jacket and it's now become my new signature color based on the very favorable responses I've gotten. This article came along at just the right time - now I can combine my two favorite colors and double-up the bright appeal!

Mary Lou 2015-02-13 13:00

Awesome, Dianne. Send us a photo!
PS I love following you on facebook -- I ready many of your posts.

Cherry 2015-02-13 12:19

I disagree with the comment regarding men wearing red socks. Socks with color and/or pattern are a fun way to add some interest and pop to a man's outfit, and does not look juvenile or like Santa.

Mary Lou 2015-02-13 12:53

Appreciate the feedback, Cherry! I was curious to see what would come back on that one. Testing out some blog humor :)
I agree socks with color and patterns are a wonderful way for men to add style to their overall appearance. The specific question here was from a guy asking our take on wearing red socks with a tux look -- similar to adding a red cummerbund. Probably should have clarified that so thanks for the call out -- appreciated!


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