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Monday, 04 March 2019

Spring Break Style: 5 Ideas for Tropical Fun

By Dressing Well Stylist Sarah Zengo

I love helping clients prepare for all their vacation getaways. This time of year, I am most frequently pulling out and evaluating summer wardrobes, getting folks mentally prepared and their clothes perfectly organized to head south on spring break.

For those of you lucky enough to be able to relax in the sun this spring, here are 5 vacation style ideas to consider. For the rest of us, please use these tips (and photos!) as mid-winter inspiration as you begin to think about what you might like to add to your late spring and summer wardrobes. After all, warm temperatures will return to all locations soon – they always do!

#1 Plan to Lighten Up
Think whites and brights first. In addition to white anchor pieces such as shorts, skirts and pants, white summer booties and sandals in all heel heights are trending. Also, high-waisted jeans and culottes in white add a modern (and comfortable) flair to a warm weather wardrobe. In addition to coral and teal (they never go out of style in warm weather), yellow is currently riding a wave of popularity, giving you a fresh way to get a “pop” of color. We also love a variety of bright tops and accessories with lightweight dark pants, skirt and dresses if you are somebody who doesn’t like to wear white on the bottom even in warmer climates.

#2 Rock a Maxi Dress or a Tassel Tie Skirt
There’s nothing more fun than ditching your day-to-day wardrobe and saucing things up a bit on vacation. Maxi dresses scream sexy and can be perfect for so many occasions. Long, flowing skirts with tassel ties are also all the rage. If you pull them up and over your bust, they read like a dress. Dress both of these flirty styles up with sultry jewels and sky-high summer wedges or take them down a notch with your favorite flip-flops and boho earrings. They can even be used as beach coverups. Look for asymmetrical hems on both dresses and skirts to add another in-the-moment dimension to these popular resort staples.

#3 Suit Up in Style
Don’t underestimate the importance of the suit—bathing suit that is! I personally love black bathing suits (dark colors act as minimizers) and own a variety of styles. I have fun each day picking the one that matches my mood and activity. High waisted bikinis are back big time and work on a variety of body types. Think 1950s movie star beach style and get your own star power while looking sharp and covering up more than a traditional bikini allows. Sporty one-piece suits with zippers and even short sleeves appeal to those who are more active on the beach. Animal prints on all sorts of swimsuits are also in abundance.

#4 Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize
This year, PVC (aka see-through) beach bags are an easy way to update your beach style. Straw hats also get an interesting update with embellishments such as rope, embroidery and feathers. We consider sunglasses the finishing detail to any warm weather outfit. This year, go bold and leave your smaller shades at home. Also, don’t be afraid to wear jewelry to the beach; I certainly do. Gold accents on my bathing suit? I’ve got gold studs in my ears and a bracelet to match. Word to the wise, leave the good stuff at home and bring fun pieces that are not overly expensive or sentimental. Final word here: pick a sunscreen you love and bring it with you in bulk. There is no greater accessory!

#5 Keep Footwear Under Control
Now that you’ve got your pack in order, consider your footwear! Whether you are a flats girl or heel lover, there is something new for you this season. Most popular for comfort: light-weight sneakers in vibrant colors that both connect and contrast with your clothing as well as Teva sandals with their signature criss-cross velcro straps. Rope trim (think espadrilles), PVC details (aka part of the shoe is plastic, giving it a see-through element), sculptured heels and feathers on both heels and flats complete our list of updated resort shoe trends. Pick one or two that resonate with you and that should be enough to put a fresh foot forward without breaking the bank.

Last Word

Give yourself plenty of time in advance of your trip to plan your pack and get organized. Lay out your pack and take photos to remind yourself what you will put in your suitcase when the time comes. If you need to purchase anything for your trip, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need and not pay top dollar last minute. Also, resort gift shops are a reliable yet often overlooked source for unique dresses, tunics, sandals, jewelry and beach cover-ups. Check them out when you arrive at your destination as well.

Editor's Note: Whether you are traveling or not, we welcome the opportunity to help you sort through your summer clothes and accessories. Some can actually be worn now, while others should probably be retired, especially if they are holing you back from truly embracing your best style. If you will be packing for a trip, we can cut your pack time considerably – promise! Our process is efficient and fun! Please email us at to set up a complimentary call to discuss your needs.

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