Sarah Zengo
Monday, 03 February 2020

Winter White: 5 Down and Dirty Tips for Wearing It Well All Winter

By Dressing Well Stylist Sarah Zengo

The days of packing all your whites away after Labor Day are long gone. When mixed into your cool weather wardrobe with thought, white is not only bright but also modern and unexpected. White boots have been trending for a while, white jeans look winter-made when paired with appropriate winter footwear and tops, and there truly is a warm white coat for everyone – promise!

If you are interested in getting your winter white on, here are 5 fresh ways to do it well. Enjoy!

#1 Fabric is Key
Keep your white linens, silks and gauzy looks packed away. Heavier white fabrics are the name of this game. Think corduroy, heavy cotton and wool for the best winter white results.


#2 Mix and Match Shades Effectively
Beige, cream and bone neutrals can all work well with white. For instance, an off-white sweater can rock stark white jeans when you ground the look with unifying accessories such as a brown belt, boot, coats and bag all in the same shade.


#3 Brighten from the Outside In
Give all your dark winter wardrobe basics a lift with a bright white coat or other layering piece. From puffy ski parka styles, plush faux furs to sleek wools, choose a style that speaks to you.


#4 A Simple Step for White Winter Footwear
An easy way to pull off white winter footwear (aka boots, booties, loafers and sneakers) in winter is to offer a hint peeking out under maxi dresses, skirts, bell bottoms or cropped pants.


#5 Expand Your White Shirt Collection
Finally, if you are somebody who loves to wear white shirts, expand your approach. Cuffs and collars look great styled to show under jackets and sweaters this time of year. Tails do too. Short and longer silhouettes that complement unique proportions are in abundance right now and can typically be worn year round making them true investments. Interesting embellishments such as lace, beads and fringe add a welcomed dimension to any white shirt collection and help you stand out in a sea of winter darks and neutrals this time of year.


Last Word
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, consider pairing your winter whites with a pop of red. A red coat, boot, shoe or scarf gets a little more interesting when paired with white instead of darker neutrals. Of course, caring for your whites is also important. Consider tucking white pants and jeans into winter boots when dealing with the elements, carrying a stain stick to treat stains, and keeping them away from dark clothes in your wash cycle. Interested in knowing what whites can be worn for more than one season? Our stylist team can help. Our closet consultations are designed to mix and match what you already have in unique and creative ways. Email us to set up a complimentary call to learn more.

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