Sarah Zengo
Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Lovely Lavender: 5 Fresh Ways to Infuse It into Your Wardrobe Now

By Dressing Well Stylist Sarah Zengo

We all know the transformative benefits of lavender, especially during winter months when many rely on it to lift moods. As stylists, we think of it as the perfect cool weather pastel, providing an easy mid-winter boost for wardrobes too.

As one of spring’s hottest fashion colors, it is already showing in abundance throughout the retail landscape. Here are 5 fresh ways to start wearing it well now. Enjoy!

#1 Combine It with Red

Sitting next to each other on the color wheel, red and purple are quite harmonious when combined well. Lavender, with its softer shading than traditional purple, brings a more peaceful and calming vibe to naturally powerful red and can do the same for you!


#2 Mute It with Neutrals

Light, creamy neutrals always complement lavender well. For a new twist, try grounding it with camel, still a light neutral yet deeper and more earthy than cream and beige.


#3 Soften with Navy

Yes, lavender goes just fine with black but there is something about lavender that just wants to be paired with navy as its favorite dark neutral. Think lavender blouse with a navy blazer, lavender sweater with jeans or a lavender trench coat with navy underpinnings.


#4 Plant It with Florals

Perhaps lavender’s most natural place is among a sea of flowers. It’s in luck as florals continue to be a major trend that will likely continue into spring and summer. Coordinate your lavender-based florals with white and penny-colored accessories now through spring and watch them bloom!


#5 Use It As an Accent

Finally, choosing a signature color each season is an easy way to be able to coordinate it flawlessly in a wardrobe. Think bags, scarfs, shoes, coats and even shoelaces in this pretty color and you’ll have plenty of mix and match options.


Last Word

One of the favorite things we do as stylists is play with color, often introducing interesting combinations that you may never have thought of on your own but are in your wardrobe waiting to be introduced to one another. Think of us as cupids for the singles in your closet! Interested in booking a session? Please contact us for a complimentary call to learn more.

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Dianne Webster 2020-02-22 20:20

I’ll be attending an outdoor family wedding in August, and would love to wear lavender! I’d appreciate help coordinating an outfit.

Sarah Z 2020-02-23 12:20

Hi Dianne— so glad to hear you’re inspired by our blog! I’d love to help you find some lovely lavender for your outing. There’s a perfect shade of purple for everyone. Can’t wait to plan outfits with you!

Alexandra Taussig 2020-02-23 07:20

Great blog. It makes me believe spring is coming. I love that purple flowered skirt!

Sarah Z 2020-02-23 12:26

Hi Alexandra—I love it too! That particular skirt is so pretty and versatile. Pairing it with a navy, black or white blouse with low booties in one of those colors would be such a pretty pop for spring. It would work nicely for the office too. Thanks for your comment!


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