The Top 10 Reasons Why Women Hate to Shop!

Contact: Mary Lou Andre
Phone: (781) 444-0140

NEEDHAM, MA — A myth exists that women love to shop. That's just not so, and here are the top ten reasons why:

  1. Lack of awareness of what actually looks good on them.
  2. Busy Lifestyles. More and more women work outside the home full time. The last thing they want to do on Saturday is go to a crowded mall, especially if they have children they haven't seen all week.
  3. Shopping used to be how women socialized. There are now many more events and activities that women feel comfortable doing together. A trip to Fox Woods, roller blading or a night out at the theater makes a foray to the mall a less appealing option.
  4. Fashion itself. Styles, colors and accessories change so fast that its difficult to stay on top of trends and invest wisely. Many women would rather stick with what is already hanging in their closet that they may not love but at least they know works.
  5. They're overwhelmed. They feel they have closets full of clothes and already can't pull it together in the morning. Why add more?
  6. They're disorganized. They never take the time to figure out what they need so going to the mall causes anxiety.
  7. They're dissatisfied with their weight. Facing the fact that you've gone up a few sizes can keep even the biggest fashion maven away from the stores.
  8. Guilt. Spending money on themselves never felt comfortable, especially on something as frivolous as clothes. They are haunted with memories of back to school shopping battles with mom in the dressing room ever time they pull into the mall.
  9. In-effective sales help. There is nothing more frustrating than finally finding the perfect outfit and not being able to find someone to ring it up for you.
  10. It's fun and satisfying to admit that you're a woman and don't like to shop! A sign of success is that you have the savvy to hire a professional to help you pull together a look appropriate for your lifestyle. How smart are you?!!!

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