Sarah Zengo's Client Testimonials

Here's what some of our private clients have to say after working with Organization By Design, Inc. fashion consultant Sarah Zengo:

"Thank you for helping me put together a truly polished look. The fit education alone was amazing. So much so that I'm sure my coworkers (and my wife consequently) won’t recognize me. Despite my early apprehension about the day, I had a great time with you at the helm and now have eliminated any anxiety that I might have had about what to wear each day going into the office to meet with colleagues or clients. A sincere thank you all around."

“I have such a big smile on my face this evening! Once again Sarah did a masterful job choosing fashionable clothes that I will actually wear for work and fun. I also appreciate how well she considered my list of needs and made sure we covered everything I had identified for our shopping goals. I’ll definitely get in touch early next season to visit my closet and reset goals for next year.”

"Thank you, thank you and thank you again! You've made a huge difference and positive impact in my life. I simply can't thank you enough. This service is worth every penny!!"

"Every day that I went to work this past week, I felt like a million bucks! I had the BEST time getting dressed. My closet is organized and I love looking at it. I have NO regrets about anything we bought. Shopping with you would definitely rate as one of my most memorable and liberating days of my life!!

"Thanks again for all your invaluable help during our session at my home and then at the mall. It has made such a difference in my confidence about what to wear...I am very happy with the suggestions you made. I am eagerly looking forward to our next session. This is the best thing I have done for myself in years!"

Give us a call at (781) 444-0140 or send us an email with a good time to get in touch in order to schedule your private consultation with Sarah!