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Stellar Style

Next Session Starts Monday, January 16th, 2023
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Begin a Powerful New Style Journey

If you’re ready for more style confidence, less dress stress once and for all and an all-around wonderful, new modern vibe, then "90 Days to Stellar Style" is for you!

Drawn from the principles of Dressing Well Founder Mary Lou Andre’s book Ready to Wear: An Expert’s Guide to Choosing & Using Your Wardrobe, you’ll learn our complete Dressing Well Method of wardrobe transformation that we have used successfully for more than 25 years to coach our private clients. What makes this program extra special? You’ll be paired with your own stylist for the entire three months to drive your own personal results.

Specifically, you can expect to:
  • Reenergize your closet with our powerful fit, fabric, function & flair formula
  • Responsibly retire the parts of your wardrobe that are holding back your style
  • Rework your basics to complement your current lifestyle, figure & age
  • Learn innovative & fashion-forward ways to wear & accessorize favorite pieces
  • Identify (and get help purchasing) what’s missing to make your wardrobe truly rock
  • Increase your style confidence, making everyday style easier than ever before
You’ll experience immediate and ongoing results, right from the very first session. And at the end of the three months, you can expect to fully understand not only what you wear well, but also why and how to apply those insights to all of your style and wardrobe decisions going forward.
What Makes This Program Unique

The combination of interactive group and private coaching done in unison makes this experience a wardrobe game changer.

Throughout your three months in the program, you’ll be paired with one of our talented Dressing Well stylists to provide highly personalized, one-on-one coaching in between the group sessions tailored to your specific needs. In addition, you’ll be sent customized shopping links for items you may want to consider adding to your wardrobe. Participants are wowed by this! All program components will be taught on Zoom and include fashion show & tell and Q&A for optimal learning.

Who Should Enroll

Women of all ages and life stages are invited to join. Our guiding principles are timeless and your relationship with your personal stylist ensures that the entire experience will be tailored to your specific needs. Best part, 90 Days to Stellar Style is designed to quickly put you in charge of your wardrobe while making you instantly more confident and ready to step out with more style. Special Note: We also offer special pricing when you join with a friend. Gift certificates are also available.

January 2023 Program Schedule

Our next session kicks off on Monday, January 16th at 6pm EST for one hour and meets every other Monday from 6pm to 7pm. 

  • Lesson #1 – Program Kickoff & The Organized Wardrobe
  • Lesson #2 – Find Your Fit
  • Lesson #3 – Building Your Capsule Wardrobe
  • Lesson #4 – Accessories: Make Your Look Your Own
  • Lesson #5 – Seasonal Trend Report
  • Lesson #6 – Shopping Best Practices & Program Wrap-Up

Need to miss a session, no worries. They are all recorded and the replay is sent out immediately following each class. The basic program comes with three 1:1 virtual style sessions. Those are scheduled directly with your program stylist. If you are local, we have additional options that provide opportunities for in-person consulting and personal shopping. Please schedule a complimentary connect call so we can learn more about you, your needs and recommend just the right approach.

Ready to Reserve Your Spot? Want to Learn More?

Schedule a time to connect with our stylist team so that we can learn more about you, your wardrobe, your personal style goals and share how this program can help you reach them quickly and effectively.

Praise for Stellar Style

Hear how the program changed the style confidence of three other women and what most surprised (& delighted!) them over the course of the program:

“I’ve accumulated about 50 style and fashion books, taken 3 style online courses, and followed 3 websites for women over 40. I wasn’t convinced that I needed your program—I am now! The first week of this program has been incredibly energizing. I now understand the degree of “just settling/good enough” that has occurred in my current wardrobe and how undermining that has been. I am feeling very excited and hopeful about my clothes and closet. Thanks for inviting me on this journey.”
– R. Thompson, Canada
"Your book changed my wardrobe (and life!). This program, especially being paired with a seasoned stylist, has taken my style entirely to a new level!"
– K. Ramsay, Vermont
"This program has motivated me to go through all the closets in my house in record time with fresh eyes and confidence. I love the group teachings and having a stylist help me stay focused. I now have fewer clothes but more to wear. The pace of the program is perfect and I am enjoying being in the company of others who like learning (and clothes!) as much as me."
– K. Duane, Florida
"I love everything about Stellar Style. I have been a big fan of your book and website for years and I'm thrilled to experience the Dressing Well method live. The program is relevant to how we're living now and also forward thinking. My stylist is awesome—I could talk to her all day. She has a great eye and is really helping me with my online presence by educating me about fit, proportion, and balance—all the little things that make such a big difference. I'm feeling so much more confident in how I show up every day."
– J. Shoemaker


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