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college squareWe work with a variety of colleges and universities such as Boston College, Harvard Executive Education, Suffolk University and Wharton to design graduate, undergraduate and alumni programs to help students and graduates effectively prepare for job interviews. 

Our signature program “Your Visual Resume:  Landing (&Keeping!) Your Dream Job”™ gives students extra self-confidence and a more competitive edge by helping them to effectively manage first and lasting impressions during the job interview process and in professional situations once they are hired.

Program Goals

  • Increase professionalism in the interview and on the job
  • Eliminate situations where non-verbal communications skills detract from the overall impact of professionalism
  • Assist students in developing an authentic personal brand that compliments their unique leadership qualities
  • Enhance self-confidence through a polished appearance

Seminar Results

Here’s what one student wrote after a successful interview: 

"I am a student at Northeastern University who attended your Dress for Success Fashion show. I spoke to you briefly afterwards about my two upcoming interviews. The first was with the Oprah at Home magazine.  Well, a week after the interview I was offered and accepted the job.   I attribute so much of this opportunity to your presentation and the things you shared. The day after I met you, I walked into Ann Taylor, immediately told the salesperson that I needed an interview suit, and an hour and a half later I was at the checkout counter purchasing a beautiful black pantsuit. I topped it with a double string pearl necklace, simple pearl earrings, and fresh pair of black work shoes.

Never before have I felt the transformative power of clothes in the way I did with this outfit. I knew I looked professional and I felt so confident. The greatest piece of advice that I took away with me from your show was that when you invest in yourself, you openly invite others to invest in you. I am so excited that the Oprah people invested in me! Thank you for all your help and extra attention. I honestly would have been lost and clueless without you."

Mary Eileen Gallagher
Northeastern University Student

"P.S. I wanted to share this with you as well: When I talked to you after the fashion show, I was astonished at your height. Not in a negative way, but you are not a tall woman, as neither am I. But I must compliment you, when you were up on that stage conducting the show, you held a presence that said you were at least six feet tall. Your confidence on the stage was amazing. Congrats, because I know that must have taken a lot of hard work."


Our interactive format yields results.

college students

The seminar you designed for us has not only helped the students prepare for interviews, but it has also significantly changed the way they view the importance of their overall professional appearance once they land a job. From using our students as models to the generous amount of time you spend answering individual questions from students before and after the program, it is no surprise that your curriculum has become one of the most popular professional development sessions we offer our students.

Helen Frame Peters
Carroll School of Management
Boston College


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