Take our Workplace-Dress-Stress Test!

There is enough stress in today's workplace without having to worry about managing your employees' professional appearance.

Do you suffer from WORKPLACE-DRESS-STRESS?
Take our quick quiz:

   Does your organization have issues with the way people dress?

   Does management struggle with how to communicate what is appropriate and inappropriate attire for the workplace?

   Do you have clear dress guidelines?

   Can all your people distinguish between "traditional business attire," "business casual," and "resort casual" as they relate to professional situations?

   Do you allow business casual dress days at least once a week? If so, do some employees "get it" while others confuse casual with being too sloppy or too provocative?

   Are your sales people and managers required to attend company social events? Do they understand the importance of maintaining a professional image at cookouts as well as more formal events?

   Are there people in your organization who are held back because of the way they dress and present themselves?

Chances are you answered *YES to many of these questions. Many companies face these same issues. Contact us if you would like to discuss how we can give your people a competitive edge by significantly improving their visual impressions.

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