Dressing Well Virtual StylingDressing Well Virtual Styling: Wardrobe Consulting & Personal Shopping From Any Device

Our virtual styling program allows us to effectively work with clients no matter where they live or work -- here in the United States or internationally. You determine the focus and we’ll provide the results. Our job is to help you discover your style and then make it work for you.

Dressing Well Virtual Styling Packages:
Choose the One that Best Fits your Needs

We offer several options within our standard virtual styling program for new clients looking to get started working with us virtually. For your convenience, daytime, evening and weekend virtual appointments are available.

Virtual Styling Plus

For those looking for a complete assessment of their personal style with a trusted advisor by your side while you review, organize and rebuild your wardrobe to reflect your current lifestyle from the privacy of your own home, this package is for you. You’ll receive up to four hours of highly personalized 1:1 support throughout the process. Your stylist will serve as both fashion guide and accountability partner communicating via video, email and text as needed.

This 4-6 week commitment starts with a 60-minute kickoff call where you will do a deep dive on the styles, cuts, fabrics and brands that are best suited for you. Included is an assessment of other aspects of your image (hairstyle, make-up, eyeglasses etc.) The balance of this session is spent reviewing your closet, mapping out a plan for you to get these spaces in top working order while deciding what to keep or donate. Two more 30-minute zoom calls (scheduled during your kick-off call to best meet your needs) along with detailed session summaries that capture progress and list action items to be completed in between appointments keep the project moving forward.

Working as a team with your stylist, you’ll also “shop your closet” while creating new outfits from what you already own. Your stylist will also help you build your online shopping skills with specific website recommendations and strategies that maximize your budget. Once you determine what is missing from your closet, she will do a comprehensive online shop for you and provide links. Upon arrival of the items to your home, she will help you decide what to keep and return by creating a virtual “fashion show-and-tell” with you.

Additional Tools: As part of this package, you will receive one of our signature portable packing racks (an $89 value) to help organize clothes to review with your stylist and a signed copy of “Ready to Wear: An Expert’s Guide to Choosing and Using Your Wardrobe” written by Dressing Well Founder Mary Lou Andre. The book serves as a road map for organizing each category of your wardrobe while understanding which styles, shapes, colors and accessories are best for you.

Fashion Focus Virtual

This 2.5 hour package allows you to fast-track your personal styling goals with a 45-minute video “kick off” coaching call followed by a detailed call summary capturing the styles, cuts, colors and brands that work best for your proportions, natural coloring, lifestyle and budget. Specific shopping links along with commentary about how and why each will work for you is included in your 2-page summary. Order these items directly online for delivery to your home. We choose online merchants that match your budget and personal style as well as those who make it easy to return and exchange sizes. Hair, make-up and eyeglass recommendations are also included in this package. You will have access to your stylist by email for any follow-up questions for up to 2 weeks after your session summary is delivered. Get help mixing and matching new items with what you already own along with help making decisions on final purchases.

Fashion Focus “Mini” Virtual
$250 $99 Spring Special!*

This package is ideal if you’d like help focusing on a specific area of your wardrobe or to get advice for a particular event or wardrobe need. Included is a 30-minute Zoom or Facetime call followed by a one-page emailed session summary, including 5 shopping links of key items to enhance your style. This service is ideal if you're struggling with what to wear for Zoom calls, a job interview, photo shoot, special event or you’d like expert stylist support to critique outfits with recommendations on how to make them better. We are always open to reviewing photos of our clients in outfits ahead of sessions as part of all our virtual work.

*Spring 2020 Special: In response to COVID 19, we are offering this package for $99 to new clients who would take our virtual services for a test drive while we are all shut in. Buy now, use now (or later!). While this package will return to $250 after May 31st, you will have a full year from the date of purchase to use it. Follow this link for more details.

The Pocket Stylist

This package is ideal for people who like to shop on their own yet value having an experienced independent stylist “on call” who understands their lifestyle and personal style. In addition to weighing in with a big thumbs-up (or a gentle thumbs-down) as you consider items online and in stores, your stylist can also review photos of outfits you have put together from your closet. You’ll receive up to 30 minutes of “quick” text support per month with this package. Once purchased, you will receive a short style questionnaire. Send the completed questionnaire back with a few photos you’d like us to review and we’ll assign a stylist and provide her cell number for texting.

Dressing Well Virtual Styling:
What to Expect Once You Purchase Your Package

When you purchase any of our virtual styling packages, you will receive instructions with you order about how best to prepare along with a short style questionnaire.

Style Questionnaire

The questionnaire includes categories for your clothing sizes, favorite brands and, most importantly, a chance for you to share some information about your lifestyle, personal style and what you’d like to accomplish. It will also allow you to pick a preferred date and time and choose either Zoom or Facetime as the way to begin working with your stylist. Phone calls without a video component also work, although less effective than face-to-face sessions.

Photo Review

All of our virtual styling packages include a photo review option. You are welcome to send up to 5 photos of yourself wearing outfits from your own wardrobe that you’d like your stylist to review prior to your session. If you’re not great at taking selfies (or don’t have somebody in your home to photograph you) — no worries. One good photo along with your video call will allow us to effectively serve you. If you’d like us to provide feedback on your headshot, please send that along as well. If you are looking for closet and wardrobe organization, photos of your closet space are also welcome.

Video “Kick-Off” Call

Once we receive your completed style questionnaire (along with any photos you’d like us to review), we'll be in touch promptly to set up your video “kickoff” call. All sessions are customized based on the amount of time you have purchased and what you would like to accomplish. We meet virtually with clients in their homes, offices and even hotel rooms. All sessions start with a meet and greet with your stylist followed by session goal setting. Together with your stylist, you’ll determine how to set up devices to achieve the best results. During calls, your stylist will mind the time, keep the conversation focused and the session tied to achieving the goals you have set.

Session Summary

Within 48 hours of your session, you’ll receive a session summary that captures the advice and ideas recommended by your stylist. This email will include specific shopping links to items you may want to add to your wardrobe. Order these items directly online for delivery to your home. We choose online merchants that match your budget and personal style as well as those who make it easy to return and exchange sizes.

On-Going Virtual Assistance & Pricing

We welcome the opportunity to continue working with you as you continue to develop your wardrobe and overall style.

Additional virtual consulting and online shopping for clients who have purchased any of our virtual styling packages is available in 30-minute increments and can be booked directly with your stylist. Ongoing virtual work includes video, phone, email and text assistance anytime you need us as well as online shopping and other miscellaneous research we do on your behalf.

Add-on sessions often include seasonal appointments as well as style appointments that allow you to do a deeper dive with you stylist on specific areas of your wardrobe such as accessories (including assessing and rebuilding your shoe wardrobe) organizing drawers and updating athleisure, vacation and coat wardrobes.

• 30 Minutes $99
• 60 Minutes $175
• 90 Minutes $250

Give a Gift that Always Fits!

Gift certificates for this program are also available.

For more information about our Virtual Styling Program, contact us at info@dressingwell. All emails are answered promptly, typically on the same day. We offer daytime, evening and weekend virtual appointments.