Hope you all had a great holiday and are ready to embrace 2024 with extra style and gusto. We are ready to help lead the way!

Admittedly, I’m a New Year planning junkie. I get giddy when my new planner arrives right around November, and can’t wait to take a newly sharpened pencil to it and save time over the holidays to begin planning what I’d like more (and less of!) when the calendar actually flips.

I’m looking forward to some wonderful trips, special weddings and personal milestones this year. Not sure how it happened, but I am entering a new decade this year too! Special thanks to photographer Leslie Browne for helping me embrace this special time in my own life. It’s also really nice to be starting the New Year with some new professional headshots!

Here at Dressing Well, we are excited to be starting the year by going all in on our new program Dressing Well Insiders. Piloted this past fall with a small group of clients, it has been a wonderful success right out of the gate. Enrollment is now open to all of you.

Our first monthly session of the year is tonight, Monday, January 8th, from 7-8 ET on Zoom, and there is plenty of time for you to join. We welcome you on the Inside too!

What You Can Expect
   as an Insider

Each month I literally take you on the “Inside” of my own closet, showing you 5 new outfits I have put together for myself and our private clients, while coaching you on the styling principles that allow you to make fresh, new seasonal outfits for yourself. Members love having a monthly commitment on their calendar to keep their style seasonally fresh and moving forward with the ability to ask questions in real time.

Community is also a big part of Insiders. As part of each monthly session, we save time for a fun, interactive breakout room activity so that you can meet and share ideas with other members. In between sessions, you are able to continue sharing ideas while getting feedback on your outfits in the group’s members-only, private Facebook group.

Technology makes it easy for you to get started in the program right away. When you join, you’ll be sent a welcome email with the program calendar and zoom link for tonight’s program. Easy peasy!

Can’t make it tonight? No worries. You'll get the replay tomorrow along with a set of shopping links of items featured in the session delivered directly to your inbox for your consideration. Insider content is not available anywhere else. Yes, there are plenty of benefits to being on the Inside with us!  

Tonight’s Topic:
   New Year, More Stylish You!

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ll be covering tonight:

Brighten your winter wardrobe with modern color combinations (while repurposing your holiday greens & reds with a fresh twist!)

It’s boot season! When to wear booties, tall boots and everything in between (with hosiery guidelines as well!)

Love your outerwear! Vow to retire what no longer works (& be inspired to pick up some fresh new pieces while sales are in high gear)

Tonight’s Breakout Activity: In celebration of January being “Get Organized” month, bring a favorite closet organizing product (or idea) to share with others in your breakout group.

Perhaps what we are most proud of is having an affordable new way for many more people to experience our Dressing Well philosophy in an uplifting, non-judgmental and motivational forum, giving you more access to our talented Dressing Well Insider’s team. We invite you on the Inside too!

A member recently shared:
“The biggest gift of this group has been recommitting to my style. I look forward to the monthly sessions and love watching how others are implementing the lessons in the Facebook group. The shopping links are great and save me time and money. I am ordering key items without second guessing myself. Thanks for keeping me from falling off the style train. Who knew fashion could be so much fun!” – Heather M.

 From all of us at Dressing Well, here’s to 2024! Hope to see you on the “Inside” tonght!
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