Our Guiding Philosophy

The Dressing Well Method™

The style solution that works for every(body!) budget and lifestyle

Drawn from the principles of Mary Lou Andre’s best-selling book Ready to Wear: An Expert’s Guide to Choosing and Using Your Wardrobe, our proven Dressing Well™ Method is woven into all that we do.

Whether you work with us privately, in a group, or use our tools on your own, the 5 pillars of our methodology build on one another, putting you in control of your closet and style once and for all:

  • Pillar #1 – Reenergize your style with our powerful fit, fabric, function & flair formula
  • Pillar #2 – Retire parts of your wardrobe that are holding back your style, while organizing what remains
  • Pillar #3 – Rework your basics to complement your current lifestyle, figure & age
  • Pillar #4 – Shop your closet and learn innovative & fashion-forward ways to wear & accessorize what you have
  • Pillar #5 – Identify (and get help purchasing) what’s missing to make your wardrobe truly rock

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Please browse our website, read our blogs, meet our teamand experience our work though our inspiring client testimonials.  We believe you will hear your own voice while getting validation that we have the experience and expertise to make everyday style easier, more affordable and attainable for you too.  

We are skilled at meeting people where they’re at and getting them results far faster than they could ever get them on their own.   We work with a broad range of ages, lifestyles, professions and budgets.  We get it and we will get you!  

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