Dressing Well Virtual Offerings

Whether you are looking to connect one-on-one with one of our talented stylists via Zoom in the privacy of your own home to assess and build your wardrobe, or would like to share our message with your employees, clients and organizations via a webinar or employee coaching session, we welcome the opportunity to work with you, your colleagues and teams virtually.

For Companies & Organizations

Dressing Well Webinars

We offer co-ed webinars as well as programs exclusively for men and women. Our “lunch and learn” programs, women’s internal networking seminars, and employee Q&A programs are fun, relevant to how we all live and work and allow employees to stay connected and engaged from wherever they are working—in large office settings, across many office locations or solo at home.

We are also available to deliver high-end customer appreciation events virtually as well. All of our seminars come with professional image downloads that can be customized and co-branded.

9 Best Practices for Video Conference Success
With Mary Lou Andre

Looking to up your team’s game on video conference calls? In this session, Dressing Well Founder Mary Lou Andre shares a toolkit of simple yet highly effective tips and strategies for using video conference calls to drive effective business communication while adding a layer of sophistication to your video meetings. With all of us spending more and more time on video conference calls with colleagues, clients and teams, uunderstanding how to be “heard” before you ever utter a word is a great way to enhance professionalism and credibility for all.

Participants will learn:

  • How to setup up their primary conference call space in a way that eliminates distractions and makes them shine
  • Basic video call etiquette (& conquering less than desirable habits that show up big on video)
  • How to dress from the waist up in a way that makes them fit in yet standout on all types of calls
  • Effective use of color and patterns on clothing and accessories
  • An overview of “video” accessories, including headsets, earbuds and eyewear

About the Presenter. Acclaimed for her success in helping professionals across industries "show up" at their best, nationally recognized consultant, author and speaker Mary Lou Andre has taken her vast expertise and applied it to the video medium. This relevant and timely 45-minute motivational program includes a generous Q&A component along with two-page handout that participants can refer back to time and time again. Mary Lou’s down to earth, practical and warm presentation style, inspires participants to make immediate changes that have a significant impact on individual self-confidence and collective team success.

Individual Staff Zoom Consults
30 Minutes to Zoom Success
With the Dressing Well Team

Help your team rock any video conference call with more ease and confidence with private coaching with a member of the Dressing Well Stylist team. Each 30-minute session gives each person a soup to nuts customized game plan that includes an evaluation of their current background and lighting (with simple strategies for improving both) discussion of the best colors, cuts and styles of clothes and accessories to wear on video calls along with feedback about hair, make-up, eyeglasses and other accessories.

Dressing Well Virtual Employee Coaching

We work closely with independent coaches, talent management and HR professionals to help their clients and employees embrace professional image as a tool of communication and confidence. Many of these sessions are delivered virtually. We partner with you to set goals for each individual and discretely deliver fast results on your behalf while making employees feel comfortable and empowered.

For Our Private Clients

Dressing Well Private Virtual Styling for Men and Women

Our Virtual Styling Program allows us to effectively work with private clients no matter where they live or work -- here in the United States or internationally. You determine the focus and we’ll provide the results. Our job is to help you discover your style and then make it work for you.

In addition to helping men and women enhance their overall professional and personal style as needed and seasonally, virtual styling is ideal for people experiencing a change in lifestyle or preparing for an event. We often hear from:

  • Work-From-Home professionals looking to create video conference call looks for day-to-day interactions along with big meeting presentations.
  • Recent college graduates needing help assembling basic interview and career wardrobes
  • Single men or women looking to develop a dating wardrobe
  • Successful dieters looking to celebrate their new size with some flattering new styles
  • Professionals attending and/or presenting at company and industry conferences
  • Vacationers and business travelers needing a hand figuring out what to pack for domestic and international trips
  • Mothers of the bride (or groom) who would like professional guidance to help plan all wardrobe needs tied to this special celebration