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The Art of the Summer Pack:
5 Ways to Stress Less & Enjoy Travel More

We recently polled a group of clients about their packing preferences & challenges.

While most shared they prefer to travel with carry-on luggage only, just as many confessed that they end up throwing their pack together with little thought, resulting in checked bags more than they like.

With the busiest travel season upon us starting this month, airlines increasing checked baggage fees at a steady clip, and most of us looking to protect our backs, arms and shoulders from damage caused by hauling too many belongings when traveling, here are 5 of our best travel pack strategies that will save you time and money while helping you physically too.

#1 Make a List & Check It Twice

If you travel frequently, having a list that you print out ahead of each trip is great. We typically suggest that clients create folders that include their list, travel documents, trip agendas and other materials tied to where they're going and what they'll be doing. A list helps you stay focused on wardrobe and toiletry basics, medications, electronics and a myriad of other things that you might like to have with you when you travel but are easy to forget when you’re not organized. Anybody ever forget their passport? Travel pillow? Phone charger? Yup, these items belongs on your list too!

#2 Set Yourself Up to Succeed by Investing in the Right Gear

Having the right suitcases and totes also helps you perfect the pack. Start with luggage. We typically advise clients to have a minimum of two suitcases, a carry-on and one larger one to accommodate longer trips. Be sure the luggage you choose is lightweight, has the right amount of pockets and compartments to suit your fancy, and is regulation size if you plan to carry it on an aircraft. We also recommend a tote with a zipper to hold things like a laptop, travel documents, books, magazines and other essentials you like to have with you. Having a small purse that can be worn as a cross body bag or stored in your tote is also a good strategy.

Note: If you like to travel with checked bags, by all means do so. The hassle of lifting (or asking others to lift for you) can cause stress. The important part of this conversation is to make good choices for yourself ahead of the travel day so you are prepared and at ease with whatever you decide.

#3 Create a Travel Uniform & Pack to Your Coat

I have a basic uniform I wear to travel. Regardless of the season, it’s typically leggings, a tee that compliments the weather where I'm headed, and a simple layering piece that can be worn alone or under a coat if a coat is needed. I always have a seasonal scarf with me for extra warmth and to protect my clothes. If it’s cooler where I’m going, I also pack to my coat, meaning everything in my suitcase needs to work with the jacket I wear on the plane. A pair of slip-on sneakers with socks (always socks – even in summer – my feet freeze on planes!) complete my basic travel uniform. As far as jewelry goes, I tend to stick with gold or silver hoops and my watch which I wear throughout the trip. If I’m headed to do something special, a small jewelry bag goes in my carry-on bag with just the right pieces.

#4   3 Tops for Every Bottom

This rule gives you climate control and versatility while forcing you to cut down on what you pack. These days, one of my bottoms is usually jeans, and another is joggers that can be worn casually or dressed up a notch. The third is typically a black pant in a climate-friendly fabric that hides spills and the like and gets my life done stylishly and in a carefree way while on the road. Once I figure out my basic tops and bottoms with this formula, I love to add a few day dresses this time of year that can be elevated for evening activities.

#5   3 Shoes for All Outfits

Finally, if you're still struggling with too much stuff, rack or lay out all your planned outfits with the shoes that go with each. Then limit your shoes to 3 and subtract the outfits that don’t work with the chosen shoes. You never need or wear all of them anyway. This trick can get your pack down by half!

Looking for help shopping and packing for a special trip? We can help. Both services are frequently requested (& happily fulfilled!) by our team. Book a call with Senior Stylist Sarah Zengo to learn more. Nobody packs a bag better than Sarah!

From all of us at Dressing Well, here’s to summer. May all your packs be as carefree as this time of year promises. 
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