5 Easy Wardrobe Updates to Instantly Elevate Your Summer Style

Looking to add some fresh flair to your summer wardrobe without rebuilding from scratch?

Check out these 5 easy ways to swap out summer staples with a few new styles that instantly upgrade your closet.

With summer sales in high gear, you can likely score them at a discount as well. Enjoy!

#1 Vests vs T-Shirts
Not all vests need to be layered, especially when it’s warm outside. Similar to tee shirts, many cotton and linen vests can be worn on their own, giving shorts, skirts and summer trousers an elevated vibe.

#2 White Sunnies vs Aviators
A simple fix for brightening up all your outfits. Don’t get rid of standard aviators just yet. The white frame trend likely won’t last all that long. Enjoy it while it does!

#3 Skorts vs Shorts
If your shorts are feeling a little ho hum, consider upgrading with Skorts. You get the freedom of “shorts“ with a soft “skirt” layer. Who knows — you might even be inspired to take up Pickle-ball!

#4 Sky Blue Denim vs White Jeans
If you’re in need of updating your white skinny jeans with fuller cut styles that are more comfortable to wear in the summer heat, consider a color upgrade too. Sky blue is a fresh neutral that easily pairs with all your whites and brights.

#5 Cork vs Leather
Finally, if your summer footwear is starting to feel heavy and blah, consider sandals, ballet flats and heels made of cork. Given that this naturally light weight material goes with every hue in your summer wardrobe, it’s also a great way to streamline your summer shoe collection.

Editor’s Note: Looking to boost your summer style? Book a complimentary Connect Call with Senior Stylist Sarah Zengo. Sarah can instantly up your style-game with expert tips on fit, accessories, brand and shoe recommendations in your budget and more. Look forward to hearing from you. Here’s to summer style!

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