a collage of orange, red and eggplant colored shirts, a blue dress, a golden yellow tank top, olive colored sneakers, earrings and bracelet

August Color Story: 6 Farm-Inspired Hues to Wear Now

August is a month of change. We are still very much in summer yet definitely headed towards fall. A great way to start transitioning your wardrobe for the season ahead is to swap your pastels for deeper hues. Think of your August wardrobe as the best harvest salad and toss it up! Here are 6 awesome colors inspired by the beautiful month of August that can add in-the-moment flavor to any wardrobe. Enjoy! Olive Green The deepest shade of green in the salad bowl. Sunset Orange Is there any color more beautiful? Peppers and heirloom tomatoes mirror this color well. Roasted Corn A darker shade of marigold that works well with most browns. Blueberry The deepest of the summer berries. Eggplant The perfect August neutral. Tomato Red There truly is a perfect red for every season! Last word: We’re here to inspire you to try out some new colors or reach in your closet and take advantage of what you already own. We work with women and men of all ages both virtually and in-person. Email us or schedule a complimentary connect call so we can learn more about you and recommend just the right approach.   This page features several affiliate links, meaning we’ll earn a small commission if you purchase through these links.

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