5 Fresh Ideas for Starting 2022 in Style

Time to pack away the holiday sweaters and push the refresh button on your winter wardrobe. Below are 5 fresh ideas to help you get started. Happy New Year!

#1 Maxi Skirts
Winter friendly, comfortable and full of style! Many can go from formal events to more casual affairs just by switching out your footwear and hosiery. If you never considered yourself a skirt person, you just might after considering the modern cuts, patterns and fabrics. Yup, many are as functional as pants!



#2 Big, Bold, Colorful Watches
They show up great on Zoom (especially if you “speak” with your hands!), coordinate well with bulky knits and other heavy winter fabrics, and give a smart, modern vibe to today’s more casual wardrobes.



#3 Freshen with Fur Collars
Whether real or faux (that decision is all yours!), a fur collar placed on simple coats, sweaters, blouses and vests can make you go from ho-hum to winter wow now!



#4 Modern Foundations
High-tech fabrics, fresh colors and interesting patterns make today’s long underwear the perfect foundation for outdoor (and indoor!) activities all winter long. They can slim the body naturally without the discomfort often associated with traditional body shaper garments. Stock up and layer frequently!



#5 Winter Botanicals
Finally, this fun trend helps you lighten up dark base neutrals while mentally preparing for spring! Shoes, scarves, ties, blouses and shirts wear this fashion statement particularly well.



Last Word
Remember to visit your closet and retire things you no longer need or wear before adding too many new things to your wardrobe. After all, the key to dressing well is to do more with less so that you can get out the door faster and most appropriately dressed for your day. We have a few spots available in our next 90 Days to Stellar Style Virtual Program! This popular program is a fantastic way to start the New Year on the right foot. Please contact us to set up a complimentary call to learn more. Happy New Year!

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