5 Styles NOT to Bring Into 2024

A great way to approach any new year is to look back and look forward.

When it comes to your wardrobe, think about what you’d like more of (what you actually wore that made you feel great in 2023) and what you want less of (basically everything else!) as we embrace 2024.  The key to dressing well is paring down and then being extra thoughtful with what you add.

In this month’s blog, we share 5 styles anyone can easily retire from their wardrobe as we welcome the year ahead. Hope a few ideas resonate with you!

#1 Clothes that Don’t Fit
When it comes to style, there really is no substitute for a good fit. Women’s clothes are sold in petite, missy, plus and tall, with many of us a combination of sizes. Commit to fit in 2024 and see your style soar!

#2 Underwear that is Underwhelming
Underwear does have an expiration date after all! Vow to clean up this part of your wardrobe and add some brands and styles that make you feel like the queen you are! So many great brands on the market for every figure type.

#3 Mate-Less Orphans
Get your sanity (and time!) back by pledging to remove the socks, gloves, mittens, and earrings you don’t wear without a mate. Reward yourself by picking up some new “pairs” that you will love to wear!

#4 Ratty Sweaters
You know the ones…cashmere with holes, angora with fuzz balls, cotton stretched so much it ends beyond your knees and covers your hands! Winter is too long not to love your sweaters. With sales in high gear right now, treat yourself to some new sweater love.

#5 Shoes that Kill Your Feet
When your feet aren’t smiling, you’re not smiling! There are many comfortable shoe (and boot!) brands for uncomfortable feet. You just need to take the time to find them!

Editor’s Note: Happy New Year! We are here for you and ready to help you get a fresh start in the new year. We are available for in-person and virtual appointments to make Dressing Well easy! New for 2024: Dressing Well Insiders, our brand new monthly style club open to all. Reach out for more information about any of our services and programs. Here’s to you!

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