5 Ways Summer Style Can Enhance Health & Wellness

By Mary Lou Andre

Here in New England, the most beautiful time of year is upon us. If you’re as excited as we are about getting outside and enjoying all that nature has to offer while looking and feeling your best, this blog is for you!

Here are a few simple ways I personally use style to inspire taking care of my overall health, wellness and spirit this time of year. I hope a few of these ideas resonate with you and put some pep in your steps and put some sunshine in your daily routines.

#1 Add style to your steps
I recently completed a two-week walking challenge, including waking up early to do a sunrise walk, adding a few regular morning walks to my routine, and sticking to my daily after-dinner walk with my sweet pup Suzy Q. I met a whole new group of neighbors (who knew so many people get up that early!), a few new furry friends and started my day with new energy. If you’d like to increase your own step count, having the right gear does help. Here are the sneakers I am loving right now.

#2 Sun protection for land and sea
Once July 4th hits, I’m on a boat and at the beach as much as I can be. As a redhead I have been conditioned to protect myself from the sun my whole life. When I discovered that clothing can be part of sun protection, the whole game of covering up became more fun. Land’s End has some great UPF 50 apparel. Here’s a long-sleeve sun shirt I just scored.

#3 Hair is also worth protecting
Of course, hats are a key player in sun protection. They can also help protect the investments we all make in our hair, especially if you color. I also use scarfs, clips, and summer hair care products to be sure my hair doesn’t look like it’s still on vacation when I need to be back at work. Here’s an affordable hat with a handy chin strap that also floats – perfect if your summer activities involve water and wind.

#4 Summer backyard style
One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to sit around our fire pit with our wonderful neighbors. This requires mosquito protection and just the right things to keep warm when the sun goes down. I swear by my mosquito scarfs, summer layers, tiki torches and fairy lights. After all, backyard style also matters to me. Here’s my favorite mosquito scarf – it really does work!

#5 Bag lady style
Finally, the only way I can keep track of all my summer essentials while safeguarding my back and shoulder health, is to have just the rights bags and totes. Cross body bags that hold my wallet, keys, readers, sunglasses and lip gloss are an easy way to switch from my beach bag to my work totes. A make-up bag that travels, small zippered bags for sun protection and snacks are other containers that help me stay healthy and protected during the glorious yet busy summer season. Here’s my new favorite summer tote. A little pricey but well worth it as I keep my totes active for years.

Head over to @marylouandrestyle on Instagram and let me know how you stay stylish, healthy and well in the summer months!

Editor’s Note: Want some help figuring out your summer style while promoting health and wellness too? Schedule a complimentary call with Senior Stylist Sarah Zengo. She’ll listen to your goals and come up with just the right plan. It would be her pleasure. Here’s to you!

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