5 Ways to Get a Handle on Your Totes

If the thought of organizing your closet seems too overwhelming, why not start in a smaller space, say your purse or tote? By tackling a more manageable project first, you are apt to get motivated to take on bigger projects later.

Take control over your totes step by step with the advice below. It’s a great way to start getting your style in order for spring too. She is almost here!

#1 Set Yourself Up For Success
The first step is to figure what you need to carry around on a day-to-day basis. A sturdy tote that complements your overall style while accommodating other important things—wallets, phones, eyeglasses, journals, makeup, water, snacks, etc.—is where to start.

#2 Pouches & Cross Bodies
If you’re always digging for loose change from the bottom of your bag, can never locate your lipstick, or have out-of-control snacks making a mess on the pocketbook floor, consider smaller pouches that make it easy to locate items & switch bags if that is something you like to do. Note: crossbody bags fit nicely in most totes. If you like the option of leaving your tote behind and just having your essentials, storing this smaller bag within your tote might be a good strategy for you.

#3 Pocket Magic
If your phone floats around your bag and you can never find it, you struggle with how to carry an umbrella so it doesn’t wreak havoc on your bag when it gets wet, or you want instant access to your water bottle or eyeglasses, consider totes with pockets on the outside and inside.

#4 Two Is Often Better than One!
If you treat your everyday bag like a filing cabinet (laptop and all!) maybe it’s time to save your back and sanity by switching things up. Consider purchasing a separate bag for your laptop and files. Balancing the weight across two bags will work wonders for your body. Brands such as Tumi, MZ Wallace and Coach have different style bags for different functions that allow you to stay organized day to day and when you travel too.

#5 Brighten Up
Finally, if the inside of your tote is dark, you’ll have a hard time finding items even if you use pockets and pouches. Select bags with a bright lining and you’ll save yourself time and aggravation. Note: Consider purchasing pocketbook liners to lighten up your bag (and create pockets too). An economical way to tote sanity!

Editor’s Note: Looking to get some help with your tote and bag style? Book a complimentary Connect Call with Senior Stylist Sarah Zengo. All of our styling services include bag and tote evaluations. We can easily get this done with you (for you!) virtually or in person. Look forward to hearing from you. Here’s to your tote style!

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