A Sneaker Moment: 5 Ways for Guys & Gals to Kick Off (and Kick Up!) Summer Style

Sneakers are indeed having a moment. No longer just for exercise, they are showing up in board rooms, at parties and being worn with everything from jeans and shorts to skirts and dresses. The devil is in the details when sporting your runners. To kick off the busy summer season, we share 5 ways to wear all your sneakers well.

#1 Freedom of Choice
When it comes to stylish sneakers this season, consider traditional lace-ups and modern slip-ons. Both are created equally! Having a few in each category gives you a range of styles to complete your looks while complementing your mood. Let’s face it: not having to tie is one of those simple luxuries all of us can appreciate when we are on the go.

#2 Pair Them with Skirts and Dresses
Don’t let your sneaker choices stop with the basics. Pair sassy, embellished sneaks with skirts and dresses for a relaxed yet functional and on-trend look. Try a wedge sneaker to give you that lift you’re used to with your flirty frocks.

#3 Take Them to Work
If your dress code says it’s okay to sport them on the job, be sure they are in top form and be sure they stand out in all the right ways. For instance, your whole look should be modern and relaxed when sporting sneakers. Traditionally conservative footwear companies (such as Cole Haan) offer a hybrid of sorts (part shoe and part sneaker) that is an easy way to ease into this look for work.

#4 Roll Before You Stroll
Women, wearing jeans (and other pants) with your sneakers may require a roll before you stroll. You want to see a visible distinction between your sneakers and the bottom of your pant. Choose ankle or crop jeans for the summer or give longer pants a small double roll. Men who choose to wear rolled and cropped pants with sneakers should also follow this advice. Editor’s Note: The best way to blow your sneaker look (while taking your style back to the ’90s!) is by wearing visible socks. You can definitely still wear socks but stock up on styles that stay in place and don’t peek out. Concerned about odor when you go sock-free? Place dryer sheets inside sneakers in between wears to absorb moisture and keep them feeling fresh for your next outing.

#5 Work It Out While Simplifying Your Options
If you are struggling to commit to more exercise, a fresh pair of comfortable sneakers might be all it takes to get you to the gym or out for a regular walk. Simplify both your workout and summer casual wardrobe by adding a single pair of sneakers accented with a color you love. Stock up on exercise and casual wardrobe staples in colors that match and coordinate well with this primary color choice. For you summer road warriors, packing time is cut in half using this one sneaker with several wardrobe options approach. Storing these items together in a tote or gym bag further allows you to hit the gym or road with ready-made outfits for working (and hanging!) out this summer.

Last Word
In addition to dryer sheets for odor control, Magic Erasers are another essential item to have on hand to maintain your sneaker collection as they instantly freshen up white soles. You want to maintain that new sneaker look and feel to best celebrate this particular sneaker moment!

Additional Editor’s Note
For those of you in Boston, visit ArtBar at the Royal Sonesta in Cambridge for a Sneaker Museum Pop-Up exhibit. Art For Your Feet showcases the history and impact of sneaker culture on sports, music, fashion, and the arts. Now through June 15, 2018 – enjoy!

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