Fashion Q&A: Too Much Black and White?

Fashion Q & A:
Too Much Black and White?

Q: Is there such a thing as having too much black and white in a wardrobe and not enough color? Color confuses me so I most often wear black and white, but I don’t want to look dated or boring!

A: We have many very stylish clients who build their entire wardrobes with black and white separates. These two neutrals look sharp together, travel well, are easy to find at a variety of price points and make getting dressed a snap.

The key to keeping this type of wardrobe fresh and up to date is to add silhouettes and shapes each season that are most in style. For instance, when pants got skinny, our clients in this category added several fresh pairs of “skinny” pants in both black and white. When tees got longer, they followed suit.

Also, you don’t want too much black or too much white so combining the two colors (actually neutrals!) does take some thought. A black belt on a white dress, a white shawl over a black dress is the way to add some signature style. All the fashion magazines are actually applauding black and white this spring as a sophisticated fashion choice. We are seeing lots of black and white stripes in the marketplace. Adding a few pieces that sport this pattern might be all you need to do to update for the season sensibly and with style.

Finally, if you do want to add a pop of color, red and yellow look great with black and white – even if you add just a scarf or pair of shoes in one of these hues!


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