Fashion Q&A: Summer Casual for Business Off-site

Fashion Q & A:
Summer Casual for an Off-site Business Meeting

Q: I’m male and work in a conservative business environment. Suits and ties are mandatory Monday through Friday, even in the summer. I am scheduled to attend an off-site “business casual” meeting for three days this month. I am told that jackets are not required and the setting will be informal, with maybe a round of golf the last day. Can you help me figure out what to wear? Thanks.

A: A safe bet in the summer for this type of business meeting where it has been clearly articulated that the dress code has been significantly relaxed is to bring a few pairs of khaki-colored trousers and a few equally polished polo shirts. We do not recommend wearing polos with logos not associated with your company, even in this informal setting. Finish the look with a matching belt and shoe. Socks are always appropriate and expected in business. To properly plan your golf attire, check in with the resort where you will be playing to get clarity about their dress standards. Khaki-colored pants or shorts with a polo shirt are an easy way to get this look right and will cut down on what you will be packing for the trip. We recommend having a golf jacket with you in case the weather is cool or it rains. Golf shoes complete the look. Refrain from wearing sneakers!

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