Fashion Q&A: Nail Polish

Fashion Q & A:
Nail Polish for the Office

Q: What color nail polish is appropriate for the office? I tend to prefer dark shades, like a classic red. However, I recently found a very dark color that I love, but I wonder if it’s ok? It’s from OPI and it’s called Lincoln Park After Dark (it’s referred to as a midnight purple.) I would even say it comes out little darker (closer to black) than how it seems in this picture. Is this ok?

A: Overly dark nail polish shades are a distraction in most work places. The OPI color Lincoln Park After Dark falls into this category. Save this color for vacation, special events and date nights! We advise our corporate clients to choose pale neutral shades that are more in keeping with a professional look. French manicures are also work well in a corporate environment. If you like darker colors look for a soft red or soft brown. Your nail color should be a part of your overall polished look and not the thing that stands out in a flashy manner.

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