Fashion Q&A: Nude Hose

Fashion Q & A:
Nude Hose

Q: Now that spring is here, I’d like to lighten my legs up a bit. I’m having a hard time finding a few great pairs of nude hose…everything I try on makes me feel like I have that “orange-y” look going on. I’ve been told that Donna Karan has a great nude selection — but I can’t afford their prices. Any suggestion for affordable nude hose that will look great?

A: Hanes makes great hosiery that it is more affordable than some of the designer brands. The Hanes hosiery brand that we frequently recommend for many of our clients is called Silk Reflections which has a silky, sheer finish. We like the color “Little Color” which is one of the most natural looking colors in hosiery. Give them a try!

Finally, load up on tops, a shawl and a variety of shoes and you’ll have several looks from the same base pieces. Check out the “Advice” section of our web site for more articles on how to strategically build an interchangeable and multi-purpose wardrobe!

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