Dressing Well’s Top Ten Fashion Picks for Women: Spring 2017

Spring is officially here and our consultants are busy helping their private clients get their closets in order and shopping prioritized for the busy season ahead. If you are looking for personal assistance to help you pull together your own wardrobe, please let us know. We offer both in-person and virtual consultations. We also present our message to employees and membership organizations.

Here are ten looks for spring that are inspiring us. Hope they inspire you as well. Enjoy!

#1 The White Jacket
Instantly brightens casual and dressy looks for spring and summer. The fabric dictates the formality.

#2 Embroidery
Adds artisan, floral flair to both apparel and accessories.

#3 Skirts with Pockets
They are the centerpiece of many contemporary looks.

#4 Black & White Inspirations
Florals, geometric patterns and polka dots stand out in black and white. They mix well with one another too.

#5 The Flounce Sleeve
Dresses, blouses, coats and jackets wear this trend well.

#6 Lariats and Tassels
Adore (and adorn!) them this season.

#7 The White Shirt Revisited
Waist, sleeve and collar interest give them an interesting twist.

#8 The Saddle Bag
Macro (and mini) styles are abundant. Crossbody styles are the most popular.

#9 Ankle Straps
They add a dose of extra drama to all types of high heels and even more utilitarian function to flats and other sensible shoes.

#10 The Sailor Pant
The traditional high-waist and buttons remain the same. The devil is in the leg detail, giving them a range of ways to wear them both day and night.

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