Five Ideas for Adding the Power of Red to Your Day-to-Day Style

The Power of Red. No other color is charged with as much energy, power and, on days like today, fun and passion!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we share five fun ideas about how to use red to punch up your day-to-day style.

#1 The Ruby Slipper Effect
We hunt high and low for red shoes that match our client’s style persona. Why? When you find the right pair for the right person, they become a beloved possession. We all remember Dorothy after all!

#2 The Icing on the Cake
In addition to shoes, we are also quick to pull red into an outfit with bags, belts, scarfs and jewelry. If you see any of these items in prices that you can afford, grab them. Then make a date with yourself in your closet to mix and match these pieces with your base neutrals to your hearts content. Folding red into an outfit well is truly an icing on the cake moment!

#3 Use it as Arm Candy
If your guy works in a professional office setting, a red sweater, tie, pocket square or even socks can add fun office flair (while making you look good too!) For the sporty guy, runners, fleece and other athletic apparel let him mix things up. If you live in New England, help him put his game on with Patriots gear. Here at Dressing Well, we certainly can’t get enough Patriots’ red right now!

#4 Take It on a Date
Perhaps the most fun we have incorporating red into a wardrobe is with eveningwear. Coordinated well, it can be bold, sexy and eye-catching all at the same time. If you find a red dress, jumpsuit, skirt, beaded top or other specail red item that speaks to your “after 5” self, don’t pass on it. Life is too short and the best opportunities come to those who are prepared!

#5 Don’t forget lips, fingers and toes!
Finally, the most cost effective way to add this color to your day-to-day look is with lipstick and nail polish. Contrary to what many think, there are shades of red for every complexion. Consult a reputable cosmetic counter for the best results.

Editor’s Note:
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