Fall Closet Refresh: 5 New Styles to Embrace (& 5 to Put Away!) Now

With so many changes happening in fashion (and our world) right now, it’s a good time to shift your wardrobe a bit too.

As many of us continue to work from home and practice more casual lifestyles, we hope a few of these ideas resonate with you and make it easier to dress with purpose without totally giving up on style as we continue to get through these challenging times.

Here are 5 fresh ways to update your wardrobe to keep up with our evolving times:

#1 Ho-Hum Layering Tops to Puff-Sleeved Wonders
While it’s always handy to have a variety of simple tops and shells to wear with jackets and sweaters, the most fashionable way to dress from the waist up in this particular moment is with statement blouses with “balloon” and other full-cut sleeves. They show up big on Zoom and their sophistication is great for after 5 too.


#2 Necklaces: The Long and Short of It

We are big fans of long necklaces. They often take an outfit from drab to fab in an instant. Yet, they can get lost in the 9-5 video world that many of us are living in. If you are on a lot of video calls, stock up on shorter necklaces that frame your face while adding visual interest to your overall look. (Editor’s Note: Stella & Dot is a woman-led company that we love to support. Sales generated through blog affiliate links do generate a small commission, however there is no additional cost to you.)

#3 The Skinny on Jeans

Skinny jeans have become a wardrobe staple, so if you love yours (we sure do) certainly don’t ditch them anytime soon. Rather, make room in your wardrobe for their higher-waisted and wide-legged cousins to reside alongside them for a while. Looser in the thigh and hip, they are much more comfortable to wear when you are sitting at a desk for hours at a time. When you do venture out, pair them with short cropped sweaters, boyfriend jackets, sturdy boots and trendy bags and totes for a fresh fall look.


#4 Replace Hoodies with Fancier Sweatshirts

Chances are your basic hoodies have worked overtime for you the last several months. They remain practical and functional but can also put you in an unnecessary fashion rut. Keep your style relaxed yet updated with a fancy sweatshirt or two. We love those with unexpected pockets, ruffles, stylish prints and embellishments such as fringe, sequins and feathers.


#5 Hemlines: The Rise & Fall of It All

Finally, as we continue through the pandemic, many of us have developed a more conservative approach to living our lives. The midi length is not only the most fashion-forward cut for dresses and skirts right now, but it also allows you to express the world’s collective mindset as well. They are also easy to wear with both short and tall boots giving them maximum versatility.


Editor’s Note: We are pros at helping you rotate your closet for our rotating world. Our stylists are available in-person and virtually to help you sort out your closet and add just what you need. Contact us for a complimentary call to assess your needs. You won’t regret it!

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