Olive Green: 5 Fresh Ways to Infuse this Warm Hue into Your Late Summer Wardrobe

Yes, summer greens of all sorts are great for your body, mind and spirit. Olive green in particular is also an easy way to transition your late summer wardrobe into fall.

Here are 5 fresh ideas for using this beautiful hue as a transitional base neutral that allows your brights and whites one last summer hurrah – Enjoy!

#1. Linen Please
There is something about olive green linen that naturally gives off a late summer vibe. While many white and bright linens start to look out of place as summer wanes, darker linens such as olive green can keep you fashionably cool as we embrace a richer autumn palette.


#2. Bohemian Rhapsody
Chunky earth tone beads and chains naturally come alive against an olive green backdrop. Rust, amber, lavender and ivory accessories pair beautifully with olive green – think nature and add some boho to your vibe.


#3. A Salute to Camo
As we head towards fall, camo print with its signature dark and light olive hues becomes more popular. If it’s for you, totes, tees, sneakers and sandals wear the print well and can give an edgy spin to many summer basics and accessories.


#4. Pink Loves Olive
Pink is one of those colors that looks good with just about all other colors. It can be preppy when paired with bright shades of green and more subdued with softer green hues. For fall, olive paired with blush pink tones gets our vote as the perfect way to warm things up in just the right way.


#5. Ground it with Black, Brown & White
Finally, olive green clothing also easily coordinates with black and many shades of brown footwear, adding to its appeal. White sneakers also brighten it up and give it a modern vibe now and straight through fall.


Editor’s Note: Leveraging one neutral color as your base neutral in your wardrobe will give you many different looks with fewer pieces. Play around with color and tones and don’t be afraid to try something new! It’s hard to go wrong with an olive green hue. We hope you feel inspired to carry on through the last weeks of summer in style. We love working with clients to help them refresh wardrobes and make them stretch through the seasons. Give us a call if you’d like to find out more about our services.

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