Return to Office Style: 5 Ways to Relax Your Look Without Giving up Your Clout

With many returning to office buildings with colleagues after a long hiatus working solo from home, casting a fresh eye on your work from home wardrobe and adjusting it to match your career ambitions (& rules of your profession!) is time well spent.

Below, we share 5 fresh ways to embrace a more relaxed office dress code that still sets you up for success. Enjoy!

#1 Oversized Blazer
Less fitted, still polished. A “wear-with-everything” blazer might be all you need to return to the office with confidence & style.



#2 Athleisurewear – Common Sense Rules
Workout tops can be effectively layered under shirts and blouses to give added comfort, a pop of color and extra coverage too. Leggings tend to look more sophisticated paired with longer tops. Tee shirts can look perfectly “suitable” under a jackets, sweaters and vests.



#3 Sensible Shoes
Sneakers, loafers, booties, ballet flats, heels and sandals…they all have their place in an office wardrobe today. Be sure your chosen office footwear sets a business tone, is safe to wear and doesn’t annoy others. Yup, if they hear a “flip flop” before they see you, the shoe is probably too casual for the office!



#4 Jeans Please
While it’s still best to rock ripped jeans at a concert with friends instead of a board meeting with colleagues, jeans are now universally accepted in most industries and professions. Typically, the darker the wash, the more business-appropriate the jeans.



#5 A Tried & True Trench
Finally, whether short and boxy, long and draped, belted or double-breasted, you can’t go wrong with a classic trench. They look as good with jeans, tees and sneakers as they do with more traditional business attire.



Last Word
This is a great time to revisit your closet and get things in check as we head into spring. We have heard from many clients heading back to the office and feeling like they have nothing to wear! While looks have certainly become more relaxed over the last two years, our motto always rings true “think business first, casual second.” We are working with our private clients in-person and virtually and welcome you to contact us to learn more. We’re also beginning registration for our June 90 Days to Stellar Style Virtual Program. This popular program is a fantastic way to take control of your wardrobe and your style. Please contact us to set up a complimentary call to learn how we can be of service to you.

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