The Shoulder Season: Successfully Transitioning your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

The term “shoulder season” is most used by travelers and golfers. It marks the time between peak and off-peak seasons, especially spring and fall. When I heard Kathy Smith on our stylist team use the term with clients looking to transition their wardrobes for early fall, I quickly adopted it as a firm concept. It works!

Below, we share 5 easy ways to help you navigate the tricky “shoulder season” for yourself. While the rules for what to wear after Labor Day have changed over the years, we hope these tips will give you a fresh take on what is definitely acceptable this season.

#1 Get Your “Blue” Jeans On

While jeans are certainly a year-round staple for many, there is something about fall that is made for blue jeans. Even though it’s no longer a faux pas to wear white jeans into fall, I personally start to pack mine away right around Labor Day. Darker rinse jeans with dark stitching (as opposed to jeans with a whiter wash to them) are how we help clients easily move from summer to fall with denim. Yes, skinny jeans are still popular. Newer shapes for jeans this season include slouchy and wide-cropped styles. Higher waists also abound.

#2 Put an Olive on It
Once that first, crisp fall day arrives, I crave rich, autumn colors in my wardrobe. Over the years, I have satisfied my craving by amassing a collection of olive green clothing and accessories that mix and match well with one another. Olive clothing also coordinates well with black and brown footwear, adding to its appeal. Extra tip: While I pack away my white and bright linens after Labor Day, I do continue to wear darker linens through the fall. An olive linen blazer and olive linen drawstring pant are among my all-time favorite fall pieces that work year-in and year-out. I always wear them as separates and update the footwear I pair with each to keep them current.

#3 Animal Prints, Please
With their inherent warm markings, animal prints are another way to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. For instance, a black sheath summer dress can get an appropriate fall punch with animal print pumps. Animal print cardigan sweaters are a great way to add a layer of warmth over many items that were worn solo all summer. We also love mixing red with traditional brown-based animal prints. A large animal print tote may be all you need to add a fun fall vibe to your wardrobe. As with most prints, don’t go overboard. Head-to-toe animal print outfits will make you stand out, but probably not in the best way!

#4 Crop Pants
I rarely cover my legs completely until October first. Crop pants are my go-to casual and work pant when I want to cover my legs a bit more than classic skirts and dresses allow. The trickiest part of wearing the crop pant trend of the moment is choosing your footwear. Block heels, slides, espadrilles and a variety of footwear with ankle straps are good ways to balance the pant hem while keeping the look modern and fresh. Extra Tip: Both closed-toe and open-toe shoes, booties and sandals work with cropped pants through fall. If you live in an area with a seasonal temperature change, bare legs in general are fine through September (and into October when if stays warm—common sense rules!) Please read our blog “Is Hosiery History” for our point of view on all things hosiery.

#5 The Cold Shoulder Sweater
Finally, it’s hard to give dressing tips for the “shoulder season” without giving a nod to the “cold shoulder” trend that is still going strong. If this trend is for you, add a few lightweight sweaters with an exposed shoulder. Part warmth and part air conditioning, they are a perfect blend of style and function for the varying temperatures that abound during this tricky dressing season!

Editor’s Note:

Special shout-out to Kathy for being the inspiration for this fun (and timely!) blog.  We love when she shares her professional experience (which includes positions at Saks and Talbots) along with the associated “trade” terminology that was part of her day-to-day dialog with all of us, and now with you! Thanks, Kathy!

Need help transitioning your wardrobe for the season ahead? We are here to help. Both in-person and virtual consulting appointments are available. We welcome an opportunity to assist you!

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