Welcome Summer: 5 Fresh Accessories to Elevate Your Summer Style

Elevate your summer style with 5 key accessories that are on trend and available at many price points – here’s to summer!

#1 Iconic Shades
Oversized is the current trend. From there go square, oval, aviator, or cat-eyed…your call! A “hint of tint” adds extra flair.



#2 Bold Belts
Summer’s over-sized, feminine dresses get tamed with cinched waists. Half-tucked tops are well complimented with a hint of a bold belt as well.


#3 The Naked Sandal
This trend is most celebrated with clear PVC heels and other clear, plastic straps. Note that on the hottest of days, they might get sweaty. Wear with caution!


#4 Bucket Bags
While they never went out of style, they are back big this season. The timeless shape can be worn effortlessly and in pops of color, adding to the appeal.



#5 Statement Earrings
Nothing says summer fun more than big, bold, colorful earrings dangling in the breeze (and from your ears!). Weight does matter. Chose those that rock a big punch without weighing your lobes down.


Editor’s Note:
As we welcome summer, it’s time to think about incorporating lighter-weight breathable fabrics, layering options, and adding in fun summer footwear! Check in with your closet before you check out at the store. Make a list of items you are seeking so that you don’t break that bank, consult your closet first, then if needed, check in with us! We’d love to help you create some killer looks with a wardrobe refresh. Contact us to find out more about our services. Cheers to the start of summer!


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