Sarah Zengo
Monday, 19 October 2015

Leather Weather

By Dressing Well Stylist Sarah Zengo

What is “leather weather”? It’s the time of year when cool and sophisticated leather (and suede!) fabrics that instantly shout fall, fashion and fun come out of the closet. While lots of leather and suede can be worn year-round, true "leather weather" celebrates leather and suede looks that mimic the rich and vibrant colors, shades, scents and textures of autumn.

This week, we share 5 fresh tips for wearing leather and suede well.

#1 Get Skirted.
A leather (or suede) skirt that speaks to your spirit can be the centerpiece of your fall wardrobe. Whether long and pleated, short and full, or straight and formfitting, leather skirts give you a big style bang and don’t necessarily have to cost a fortune. Check out consignment shops, vintage boutiques – even your own closet. Paired with contemporary tops, footwear and accessories, any leather skirt can look great this season.

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#2 Connect with Your Inner Rock Star.
Leather leggings are not just for Mick Jagger (and they haven’t been for a long time)!! Rock your swagger with slim silhouettes from head to toe or soften this look with an oversized sweater and booties.


#3 Move Beyond the Bomber Jacket.
The perfect leather jacket used to be only one thing: a black or brown heavy bomber style. While this look has stood the test of time, it is no longer the only act in town. Experiment with different weights and colors of leather and suede to get your personal look just right. Brown and blue go hand in hand, so anything that runs the gamut from buttery tan, camel, caramel, or chocolate brown will mix perfectly with your favorite denim for a really easy way to celebrate leather this season.


#4 Balance Your Look.
If you are opting to wear leather jackets, tops, skirts and pants, pair these items with a suede shoe or boot. Same idea for suede – anchor your look with a leather shoe, lace-ups and loafers for guys; flats, booties, and boots for gals. While many a fashionista can pair leather with leather and suede with suede, for most of us, keeping things more demure is more desirable. The weight of each fabric complements the other without making you look over the top.


#5 Make Friends with a Cobbler.
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve come across high quality vintage bags and briefcases in the closets of my clients. Often they are filled with old file folders, pens and other office riffraff of years gone by. By dismantling them, you can begin to see a glimpse of their former beauty. A skilled cobbler can often restore them even further, using just the right tools and polishes to honor the wear and tear that adds to their nostalgia and personal value. When properly refurbished, these items often become a favorite “go-to” accessory for their owners. It’s satisfying to make something old new again and cobblers are true craftsmen.


Final Word:
However you wear your leather and suede, make sure the fit is fantastic. Alterations on these pieces can be costly so be sure to shop like a pro and pass on anything that doesn’t really work for you. It feels great to wear such stunning fabrics so enjoy them and take the time to pull your look together in a way that is polished and balanced.

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Sarah Zengo

Sarah Zengo joined the Dressing Well team as a stylist in 2011.  Her diverse clientele includes a mix of professionals, stay-at-home parents, retirees and young people just starting their careers. An excellent sense of fashion combined with a strong work ethic and genuine interest in the people she serves, allows Sarah to transform the style of our clients rapidly and with excellent results.  Clients love Sarah and consistently book appointments with her each season, a true indicator that her advice is highly valued and very much appreciated.

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Paula 2015-10-20 18:01

Thanks for a great and timely article, Sarah! But any advice for finding a good cobbler? I live just north of Boston. I had a great cobbler, an elderly Armenian man, but he passed away. The new generation of cobblers don't seem to be able to do anything beyond polishing and replacing heel lifts!

Sarah Z 2015-10-22 23:01

Hi Paula! Thanks for your note and I apologize for the delay - busy couple days here at Dressing Well!

Having a good cobbler an absolute necessity! There are a couple great cobblers in Waban, one is The Sole Man and the other is Waban Shoe Repair. Please feel free to tell me your town if you need another recommendation. Truly you need to have a stellar cobbler on your team!


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