One Year of Dressing Well Wednesdays

A year ago I turned on my video camera and announced “Dressing Well Wednesdays — Three Tips in Under Three Minutes to Inspire Everyday Style.” I honestly don’t even know where those words came from. Probably from my years of doing TV work and having to master the art of the sound bite!

I was scared, took the video down three times before I put it back up. From there I kept going, determined to get it right. Over 40 videos later (we did take some time off this summer!) we have launched a new YouTube Channel to share our videos more broadly. Thank you all for encouraging me to reconnect with my inner fashionista and share and serve in this new way. If you have taken a few tips and tricks that have made it easier (and more joyful) to present yourself to the world, please share them below.

We’d also love to hear what you’d like us to share this upcoming year too. This week’s video is for all of you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I am a better and stronger communicator of our message because of all of you ❤️


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