Blue Skies Ahead: 5 Fresh Ideas to Keep your Spirits High

With a new month upon us (and the promise of things starting to open up a bit in the days ahead), we’re ready to get our mojo back while providing some motivation for you do the same.

As you begin to transition out of your stay-at-home attire and get ready to venture back into the world more regularly, we hope a few of our ideas and suggestions resonate with you and make getting dressed this season something that brings more joy than stress as we continue to make our way through these extraordinary times.

#1 Blue Skies Ahead

Any color that symbolizes strength and wisdom is what we want to be wearing right now. All shades of blue hit this mark well. Blue is also said to have a naturally calming effect on the psyche, another reason to embrace it as fast as you can. What makes “sky” blue particularly appealing from a spring style perspective is how well it transitions into summer. It pairs well with black, tan and navy to get you through tricky spring temperatures while partnering easily with whites and brights (think yellow and coral) as we move into summer.


 #2 Take Flight

Many of us may be grounded for a while but that doesn’t mean our spring outfits need to be. For women, flowing short and long sleeves that give the appearance of wings on all types of tops and blouses (and dresses and jackets too) add style and movement to wardrobes that have been stagnant for too long. They can also add a breath of fresh air to all those Zoom calls!


#3 Stay Comfortable with Softer Pants

If we have learned anything from our home quarantine it’s that comfort is king. Transition back to the real world without giving up too much of your well-earned, stay-at-home coziness by putting your PJ pants away when you get out of bed and then slipping into more structured and stylish “joggers”—basically a slightly dressier version of sweatpants. Once you figure out how to make these softer pants polished and sophisticated, you may never go back to “hard” styles – including jeans! It’s exciting to have a new capsule of dress to help clients create and perfect. Our virtual consulting program is a great way to get some guidance from our stylist team.


#4 Be Grounded & Happy

Soon we will all be back in our shoes and sandals and pedicures will become relevant again too! Now is the time to give your warm-weather shoe wardrobe a once over. Sandals—check, flip flops—check, sneakers—check. While you’re at it, make sure you clean and put away your boots and winter shoes properly too. You might also want to add some back-less loafers, printed booties and architectural heels to your footwear mix: all are trending for spring. Take them or leave them, just be sure your summer shoe collection puts a smile on your face. Life’s too short to spend any time (never mind the most glorious months of the year) in footwear that makes you grumpy.


#5 Get Moving

Finally, those of us who went to college probably did not escape the “Freshmen 15” and the “COVID 19” has had an equally adverse effect on our waistlines. Get motivated to get moving by ruthlessly going though all your exercise gear and only keeping pieces that you really love. Our favorite new “suit” for spring is the track suit with its signature stripes down the leg and often on the arms too. Add a tee shirt and fresh runners and you are literally off and running! When you look good, you feel good and all your commitments are also easier to keep. 


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