The Work-From-Home Wardrobe: 5 Ways to Get Out of Your PJ’s & Bring Structure to Your Day

It’s always nice to have a break from having to dress in anything other than loungewear for a few days. For many of us, that’s what snowstorms are for.

Yet as winter has become spring and important social distancing mandates continue to stay in place, the “new normal” of working and being at home day-after-day and week-after-week has become less novel. As we all settle into new routines for at least the next month or two, developing strategies for keeping mentally and physically energized while creating boundaries between work and personal time is warranted. Clothing and accessories, along with a few simple wardrobe organizing tips, can have a significant impact on your mindset.

We hope a few of these ideas resonate with you and help you move through your days with greater ease. Here’s to dressing at least a little better as we continue to get through these challenging times.

#1 Make a Pact with your PJ’s
Let’s start with the obvious. If you find that you are changing out of nighttime pj’s and into daytime pj’s for days on end (or even skipping changing out of one pair for several days – we’ve all been there!), vow right now not to wear pj’s more than 12 hours in any given day. Period. You will thank us if your goal is to be back in regular pants at the end of all this! Pants with buttons do not lie after months of pajama wearing! It’s actually not a bad idea to wear regular pants from time to time as a way to manage your waistline too.

#2 Curate Your Closet
If you don’t have the energy to completely switch over your closets for spring right now (mental health experts are already talking about the increased amount of stress caused by feeling you have to do certain things at an accelerated pace while home with unexpected found time), do a mini-transition by assembling 5 fresh work-from-home outfits that are polished enough to make you feel professional while still being comfortable. Hang every piece of your outfit together—top, bottom and layering pieces, if any, and accessories too if that’s your jam—and hang them together in the front of your closet so they are easy to grab and put on. Even if you don’t end up wearing them all, you’ll feel more organized and prepared for your week.

#3 The Zoom Wardrobe
For those of you with Zoom calls and webinars, having a few outfits just for this medium set aside makes sense too. Our blog, Dressing From the Waist Up for Videoconferencing Calls, gives some tips for men and women looking for extra guidance. We are fielding many inquiries about this dressing need in particular. An extra tip in this department is to have three tops for every bottom for variety—and sanity! Color goes a long way toward lightening your mood and helping you stand out in just the right way on these calls. Shop in your closet for sweaters, blouses and other tops that you might not typically grab for face-to-face meetings but that can be leveraged to brighten you up for this type of setting.

#4 Create Structure to Your Day with Wardrobe Planning
Changing into specific outfits at specific times to match designated activities is one idea for helping you transition between work, outdoor activities, exercising, family time and down time while creating good boundaries for yourself and others. One of our clients, an early bird with kids, told us she gets up at 6 am to work out before the rest of her house is up. She then gets her family settled before getting ready for her now at-home work day. While she dresses pretty much the same on top as she did when her office was in a large open environment filled with colleagues, she wears yoga pants on the bottom to get out the door quickly with her family for a walk before dinner. She keeps sneakers and jackets at her back door to save time. She slips into loungewear that doubles as pajamas at dinnertime to mentally signal that her evening/down time with family has begun.

#5 Stockpile Appropriately
Finally, being home more than usual can require stocking up on a few staples. Don’t forget your wardrobe when you’re taking inventory. If you are in pj’s and loungewear more than usual, you might as well feel good in them. It’s actually nice to focus on categories of clothes that many of us often neglect during most shopping trips. Other items we are currently helping clients source online are well-made and comfortable shoes and sneakers, rain jackets and other lightweight outerwear options for walks, bright colored tops for spring, sweaters with zippers for both men and women (many of our clients are indeed “Zooming” and cameras love vertical lines that draw the eye up), vests that allow for comfortable typing for hours on end and, of course, yoga pants!

Editor’s Note: New for Spring 2020: $99 Virtual Styling Special
In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, we have created this special package for those looking for help assessing and enhancing work-from-home (or stay-at-home) wardrobes and any other fashion or style assistance you’d like while we are all shut in. Included is a 30-minute Zoom or Facetime call followed by an emailed call summary that includes links for up to 5 items to add to your wardrobe. Additional 30-minute sessions (ideal if you want to send photos of yourself in clothes purchased or would like to get more advice) are billed at $49/session. Once you purchase this package, you will be sent a short style questionnaire to fill out. Once we receive it back, we will schedule your session. We welcome the opportunity to be of assistance to you.

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