Five Fresh Trends for Starting the New Year In Style

Every new decade brings the promise of fashion trends that become part of the fabric of our times, impacting how generations are defined and years are marked. The roaring 20s brought us flappers, the 60s flower power and boho chic, the 80s power suiting (including very big shoulder pads!) and the 90s the beginning of business casual dress codes that are now standard throughout every imaginable industry.

When reflecting on the most significant style trends from the 2010s, the extreme casualization of corporate America tops my list. Athleisure wear being worn as much outside as inside the gym, jeans in every cut and rinse from every designer and manufacturer under the sun being showcased for work as much as play, and the iconic status given to sneakers for every occasion (even black tie) are also memorable trends. There was also a growing emphasis on fashion sustainability that will undoubtedly become stronger and stronger as the new decade evolves.

While it will be a while before we know exactly what the 2020s will stand for from a fashion perspective, our first blog of the new year provides five fresh trends we do know work right now. Hope a few of these ideas resonate with you and make getting dressed easy and enjoyable:

#1 Teddy Coats
For many, outerwear is an afterthought. Yet if you consider how often you wear coats in places with a seasonal temperature change, you’re missing a big opportunity to add signature style to your wardrobe if you don’t think more intentionally about your winter layers. Right now, teddy coats (aptly named for their warmth and big hug style) are trending with good reason. They can be both causal and dressy and pretty much every designer and brand at various price points has at least one in their collection.



#2 The Midi Dress
Dresses, tights and boots are a winter uniform for many women. If you’re getting tired of the winter dresses you own but don’t want to drop this easy way to dress in cold weather, add a midi and fall back in love with your winter style. We love those with asymmetrical hems and floral patterns best. Both short and long coats work with midis too.



#3 Mid-Calf Boots
Whether you pull them on, zip them into place or lace them up, this boot is the perfect height to wear with leggings when you want a break from over-the-knee and to-the-knee styles. They are often easier to pair with cropped pants than an ankle boot as they naturally connect with shorter hems. Lace-up “grannies” are all the rage with midi skirts and dresses, giving them a boho chic edge.



#4 Graphic Sweaters
A winterized version of a popular trend that was abundant on t-shirts last spring and summer. Life is too short not to make a statement!



#5 Crossbody Bags
Finally, most women deal with a myriad of accessories in the winter months – hats, scarfs and gloves to name a few. When your bag allows you to go hands free, managing the rest of your loot becomes that much easier!



Last Word
Having a few fresh pieces each season that work with what you already own is a great way to freshen your wardrobe without breaking the bank. If you haven’t overhauled your closet in a while, the new year is a great time to do that. Partnering with a skilled stylist that knows exactly what should stay and what should go is a wise investment. A fresh set of expert eyes can also help you save time and money shopping as adding just the right things gets easier than ever when you have a focused shopping list that matches your style, budget and size requirements. Our stylist team is available to assist you wherever you are on your style journey. Email us to set up a complimentary call to learn more about our signature closet sessions and personal shopping services.

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