From the Streets of NYC: 5 Fab Fall Trends to Wear Now

Just back from a quick weekend trip to NYC and wanted to share 5 fresh street trends that caught my eye. It is fashion week after all! Each style can be worn now to navigate the tricky fall transitional dress season.

Our stylist team is here to help you navigate your closets and the mall, too. We welcome your inquires and business. Here’s to fall—simply the most glorious dressing season of them all!

#1 Bermuda Shorts
A fun way to ease into fall mode while the temperatures stay on the warm side. Albeit not appropriate for every work situation, I saw many women sporting this fashion-forward look with matching jackets (aka the short suit), giving them a fresh professional and polished vibe. 

#2 Big Boxy Blazers
The easiest way to add a stylish layer to your fall look before heavier coats are required. I love how they give skinny jeans and tees fall-ready refinement. The more avant-garde fashionistas I spotted were pairing their oversized blazers with every shape and silhouette imaginable. Many also wore them draped over their shoulders like a cape, making them appear instantly Parisian chic.

#3 Bucket Rain Hat
It was raining in NYC when I arrived last Friday. I saw a slew of hats coming at me as I made my way down 5th Avenue. The bucket reigned!

#4 Sporty Sneakers
Read not fashion sneakers! While I still saw plenty of Chanel, Prada and Dolce sneakers, Adidas , Nike, Converse (nod to my boys – they both love this brand!) and the like were most abundant on men and women of all ages and style personas. 

#5 Floral Midi Dress
I have always been a big fan of fall florals. By far the florals that were turning my head the most were showcased on midi dresses – fall’s most popular dress style. If you like a romantic and feminine flair to your wardrobe, I highly recommend “dressing” your florals!

Editor’s Note: We have two more fall fashion blogs in our archives – The Shoulder Season & 5 Fashionable Ways to Fall Back in Love with Fall. Great additional advice from our stylist team. We really enjoy reading your comments on our blog wall so please share what you are planning to add to your fall wardrobe below. 

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