Leather Weather

What is “leather weather”? It’s the time of year when real and faux (your choice!) cool and sophisticated leather and suede accessories and clothing emerge from the closet and instantly shout fall, fashion and fun. Traditionally used in accessories, today, we find real and faux leather and suede in all different types of looks – from handbags to tops, to joggers, and everything in between.

While lots of leather and suede can be worn year-round, true “leather weather” celebrates leather and suede looks that mimic the rich and vibrant colors, shades, scents, and textures of autumn.

This week, we share 5 fresh tips for wearing leather and suede looks well.

#1 Get Skirted
A leather or suede skirt that speaks to your spirit can be the centerpiece of your fall wardrobe. Whether long and pleated, short and full, or straight and formfitting, leather skirts give you a big style bang and don’t necessarily have to cost a fortune. Check out consignment shops, vintage boutiques – even your own closet. Paired with contemporary tops, footwear and accessories, any leather skirt can look great this season.



#2 Connect with Your Inner Rock Star
Leather pants are not just for Mick Jagger (and they haven’t been for a long time)!! Rock your swagger with slim silhouettes from head to toe or soften this look with an oversized sweater and booties. Try a modern wide-leg pant silhouette or even a jogger with a tucked or fitted top to balance your look and add major modern flare.



#3 Move Beyond the Bomber Jacket
The perfect leather jacket used to be only one thing: a black or brown heavy bomber style. While this look has stood the test of time, it is no longer the only act in town. Experiment with different weights and colors of leather and suede to get your personal look just right.



#4 Balance Your Look
If you are opting to wear leather jackets, tops, skirts and pants, pair these items with a suede shoe or boot. Same idea for suede—anchor your look with a leather shoe—flats, booties, and boots will balance your look. While many a fashionista can pair leather with leather and suede with suede, for most of us, keeping things more demure is more desirable. The weight of each fabric complements the other without making you look over the top.



#5 Experiment with Color
The saturated color trend has moved beyond every day fabrics into faux leather and suede as well. Classic neutrals are making way for bright pops of color. If a grass green leather jacket is not your thing, try adding in some brightly colored leather and suede accessories to liven up your look. A pop of color in a bag, boot, or belt can go a long way. Or go all out with a head to toe monochromatic colorful look.



Final Word
No matter how you chose to incorporate a leather look, make sure the fit is fantastic and that you take care of your garments by storing in a dry place. Alterations on these pieces can be costly so be sure to shop like a pro and pass on anything that doesn’t really work for you. It feels great to wear such stunning fabrics so enjoy them and take the time to pull your look together in a way that is polished and balanced. Want some help incorporating a leather look that is just right for you? Our stylist team is here to help. We work both virtually and an in-person with our clients. Schedule a complimentary call so we can learn more about you, your style and how to serve you just right!

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