Top Ten Fashion Picks: Spring 2016

#1 Blush Accents

Add a soft and flattering touch to whites, brights and dark neutrals.

1 blush

#2 The Cropped Jacket

An easy way to create the short-over-long silhouette that continues as a strong fashion statement.

2 croppedjacket

#3 Modern Blouses with Soft Ruffle & Lace Accents

They top things off with ease and simplicity. Cream, white and blush shades are particularly popular.

3 modernblouses

#4 Print Ankle Pants

Show them off with high heels and sandals. Be more demure by pairing them with flats and sneakers.

4 printankle

#5 Bare Shoulders

Instant air conditioning for the young (and young at heart!) Note to self:  Not a great look for most offices!

5 bareshoulders

#6 Block Heels

Three great reasons to choose them: fashionable, stable and comfortable!

6 blockheels

#7 High Impact Earrings

A natural with bare necklines and shoulders. Connect them to interesting belts, bags, shoes and bracelets to further enhance their punch.

7 highimpactearrings

#8 Cork Accents

A fun way to lighten your look as we move into warm weather.

8 corkaccents

#9 Modern Jumpsuits

Prints, bold colors and cropped bottoms make them work for day and night!

9 modernjumpsuits

#10 Box Clutch

Ground both simple and fashion-forward looks with this classic evening accessory.

10 boxclutch

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Toni Robinson 04-07-2016 17:13

Great list. Really makes me look forward to Spring.

Paula Butler 04-08-2016 12:52

I always enjoy your newsletters, and this one is no exception. Looking forward to spring.

Whitney B 04-09-2016 09:52

LOVE the blouses!!! Can you tell me where to find the one on the right?

patricia ODonovan 04-12-2016 12:03

Great! Loved seeing what's 'in' for the spring! Please continue to send

Phyllis Howard 04-24-2016 13:08

Hi.. I've been following the 'dressing well' site for many years having the good fortune to be at a talk led by Mary Lou Andre. So here I am now in my mid-60's and trying to continue to look my best in age appropriate and style appropriate clothes. I feel disappointed with the choices these days -- wishing for more practical solutions - things I would like to find are tops that are not sleeveless or low cut, shoes that are practical and easy to walk in with arch support that helps my aging feet -- skirts that won't prevent a decent stride and pants that are not quite so much a 'skinny fit'. Thoughts?


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