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Mary Lou Andre

Economic Indicator or Fashion Cycle Moment? Regardless, 5 Skirt Trends to Get Excited About Now

By Mary Lou Andre

Historically, skirt trends have been closely tied to our nation’s economy. When the nation’s income plummeted, so did the hemlines. When things picked up, well... so did skirt hems.

Today, we are living in far more complex times and fashion, like everything else, has followed suit. Although skirts are currently trending in general, their length and styles are as diverse as their wearers, a much clearer indicator of what is going on in the world than any one length in one moment can possibly predict about consumer confidence. It’s more likely that their current popularity has as much to do with styles needing to change (in retail speak “cycle”) to stay relevant, profitable and yes, tied to good market outcomes for designers and merchants alike. After all, dresses and pants have had their share of the limelight for a while. It’s time for a new outfit anchor to emerge and have her time in the sun too.

Economics aside, I am happy to have some new bottom silhouettes to work into style sessions for myself and others this season. Here are 5 favorite skirt trends that are currently bringing me artistic joy when I see them on the street, in the stores, and, of course, in my Instagram feed.

#1 The Ankle Grazer
I must admit when I first saw this trend, I ignored it. A few weeks ago, I put one on just for kicks with a pair of sneakers and a leather bomber jacket and felt about as liberated, hip and cool as any women of a certain age can feel. Perhaps I was just sick of my tights and boots and looking for something new to cover my legs. Maybe I was subconsciously influenced by the influencers (all of Hollywood has adopted this trend). Whatever the reason, I love my new ankle grazer (yup it came home with me that day) and will definitely be picking up a few more for true summer fun with bathing suits, crop tops, flip flops and wide-brimmed hats.

#2 Pockets Please
No matter their age, profession or style preference, there is no woman alive who doesn’t slip on a skirt with pockets and exclaim: “Pockets – I love pockets!” They instantly give you something to do with your hands when you need to calm your nerves (or just look chic!) and they almost always bring a smile to your face—the best accessory available to all no matter the time or place. Short, long, professional, casual, dressy or even back tie, a skirt with pockets simply rocks!

#3 The A-line – It Never Fails
If you are a bit hippy (or not) you can’t beat the comfort and fit of this shape. It can be fun and flirty with flats and sneakers or sophisticated and classy with high heels and dress sandals. Your choice -- just get one! No matter what length you go with, they can also show off a slim waist.

#4 Get Your Ballerina on with Tulle
I first spotted this trend in NYC last spring and put it on several fashion-forward clients for black tie events. Now the trend is everywhere – even Nike has a version – I kid you not! Connect with your inner ballerina and just get your tulle on. This trend won’t last so your moment is now!

#5 Cut on the Bias
Finally, a skirt with a diagonal hem is just plain fun. When flowers are involved it makes your outfit literally bloom. Last summer I bought a tiered, floral chiffon lightweight skirt with an elastic waist. (The background of the print was black so I actually wore it into fall and even pulled it out a few times this winter and wore it with black tights, boots and a black turtleneck.) I can’t tell you how amazing this skirt is. Trains, planes and automobiles along with unpredictable weather and even my dog could not kill it. Hands down best purchase of the year. I even pulled it up over my bust and wore it as a dress with strappy heels on my anniversary. Vampy yet still classy!

Last Word
Check out our new Instagram account @marylouandreboston to see some of the clothing and accessories we'll be wearing this spring and summer. And a word to our professional sisters: skirts are not created equally. Miniskirts never work at the office – ever. Skirts you wear as beach cover-ups don’t belong at the office either. We are here to help. Our stylist team are pros at all things fashion. We would be happy to find some fresh skirts for you with appropriate toppers, shoes and accessories. You’ll have a blast with our team too. Email to get the conversation started.

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Mary Lou Andre

Mary Lou Andre is a nationally recognized wardrobe, dress code and corporate image consultant, speaker and author. She is founder and president of Organization By Design, Inc., a Needham, Massachusetts-based wardrobe management, fashion and image consulting firm that helps individuals and organizations understand the power of being appropriately dressed in a variety of situations.

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Karen 2019-06-02 16:15

Mary Lou. I loved your info on all skirt trends. After a 25 lb weight lost, I am adding skirts to my Spring/Summer wardrobe. Your tips are fabulous! I have added a maxi, 2 midis and 3 knee length skirts to my wardrobe. And best of all, Talbots is having a sale of 25% off skirts this week. Check out the navy and white polka dot midi at Talbots. A real fashion winner!
The fashion tips from OBD are always great. Thanks for your fashion insight and direction. My wardrobe is fabulous and many of the items are based on information from you and your staff of consultants. Looking forward to the next OBD blog!

Mary Lou Andre 2019-06-03 14:16

Congrats on the weight loss Karen. You must feel amazing. You are one of the most stylish women I know so your kind words mean a lot. Now go rock that midi!!


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