Tuesday, 01 November 2022 09:15

5 Ways to Wear Short Pants in Cooler Weather

Not too long ago, short pants were a seasonal wardrobe choice worn mostly in warm weather. Today, they are literally "cropping" up in all seasons giving the trend a much wider range of style interpretations for all.

Regardless of whether you've returned to a traditional office, continue to work from home or use your computer primarily to connect with family and friends, chances are video technology is still a big part of your life, even as the pandemic wanes.

With winter weather arriving, it’s also likely that you'll rely on your desktop, tablet, and phone cameras to conduct meetings and the like when foul weather causes a disruption to in-person plans.

For most style enthusiasts (including us!), September represents the start of the real new year. Even with a few more weeks until the official start of fall, there's something about Labor Day weekend that shifts our mindsets and our wardrobes.

In this month’s blog we share our own Top Ten Picks for Fall. We hope a few of these ideas resonate with you and inspire your own everyday style with ease and confidence. Enjoy!

Move over sundresses, loungewear, summer track suits and traditional evening wear, the jumpsuit is stealing your thunder as we finish out summer and head into fall. Whether billowy and lightweight, casual or formal, there is something for everyone who would like to “jump” into the trend with gusto.

The internet is buzzing about the coastal grandma trend, with all ages eager to embrace its comfortable yet very polished vibe.

Elevate your summer style with 5 key accessories that are on trend and available at many price points – here’s to summer!

Wednesday, 11 May 2022 14:41

Return to Office Style

Here are some fun fashion Do's and Dont's to keep in mind:

Wednesday, 04 May 2022 15:23

Summer Sleeves

With rising temperatures come rising sleeves. Here are three sleeve styles that let you lighten up while still covering up.

With rising temperatures come rising sleeves. If your arms aren’t your best feature (or you simply need options for temperature control) we've got you covered.

With many returning to office buildings with colleagues after a long hiatus working solo from home, casting a fresh eye on your work from home wardrobe and adjusting it to match your career ambitions (& rules of your profession!) is time well spent.

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