Get a Handle on Your Totes

Does the thought of organizing your closets for spring seem overwhelming? Consider starting your seasonal wardrobe cleanse by getting your pocketbooks, totes and briefcases under control. By tackling this more manageable project first, you’re likely to be more motivated to take on your closets next.

Here are 5 fresh tips to get you started:

#1 Schedule an Internal Review. The first step in gaining control over your bags and totes is to review your day-to-day activities. Do you travel regularly? Having totes and bags that allow you to move quickly through airports with your core luggage is ideal. Do you like to switch bags? Creating an in-home staging area of sorts where you can quickly switch contents each day might make sense. If you only like to carry one bag, scaling up might be in order.

 1 internalreview

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#2 Men, The Details Really Do Matter. We often see guys blow their style by ignoring the finishing details that belts, shoes, briefcases, laptop bags and other totes provide. Like shoes and belts, it’s important to take good care of your briefcases and satchels so that they don’t detract from your overall professional image. Walking into a meeting with a scuffed, bulging briefcase, for instance, can make you appear harried and disorganized, no matter how otherwise well-dressed. The person who enters with accessories that set a business tone and a sense of order will often get a leg up.

2 mens details

Editor’s Note: Read Dressing Well Stylist Sarah Zengo’s “Leather Weather” Blog for more pointers on refurbishing leather bags.

#3 Function & Flair. What do you currently own that could be working better for you? If the tried-and-true tote you love is getting worn out because you’re cramming too much into it each day, consider adding whimsical and colorful laptop bags or cross-body bags to accent your utilitarian totes and stand out in all the right ways. They also give your back and shoulders a break!

3 function flair

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#4 Small Pouches Can Work Wonders. Are you always digging for loose change or your keys from the bottom of your pocketbook? Do you have trouble locating your lipstick? Would you eat better if you had a place to store healthy snacks? If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, consider buying small zippered pouches to contain these small items, making it a snap to organize, replenish and locate them when needed. Jewelry rolls and folds are an excellent tool for toting small beauty objects and jewelry around, making you ready for anything!

4 small pouches

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Shown above open (middle left) and folded (middle right).

#5 Incorporate Regular Bag Checkups. Finally, bags tend to get filled up fast. Sunday night is a great time to be sure you start the week off energized and organized. Include your bags as part of your weekly prep, cleaning out last week’s files, gum wrappers and the like, and then refilling your bag with what you need to head into your week. Some people do this daily. Many people never do it! It’s a small step towards better time management and style—promise!

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