Organization By Design's Retail Services

Organization By Design's retail fashion seminars are a win-win for both stores and customers.

Offered to showcase seasonal merchandise and trends while building brand and store loyalty with existing and new customers, the events create interest on the selling floor and increase sales volume.

Our three retail programs, "The Organized Wardrobe," "Perfectly Petite," and "Making Casual Day Work," can include customized booklets with the retailer's logo, sales training, audience participation and one-on-one follow-up consultations.

Here's what some of our retail clients have to say about us:


... most importantly, your ability to turn ideas into sales after the event increased our petite department volume by 20%!"

Ginette Wright
Filene's Fashion Event Coordinator

North Shore Mall
North Shore Mall

"Thanks for creating an exciting, informative program for our customers. They loved it! We look forward to working with you on future projects."

Lynnette Lauria
Marketing Director, North Shore Mall

Lillian Vernon

"We have done several of these types of campaigns in the past and your booklet has been the most successful campaign to date. Not only did our customers like the information in the booklet, but you also helped us to increase sales by encouraging them to use our products to successfully manage and organize their wardrobes."

David Hochberg
Vice President of Public Affairs, The Lillian Vernon Company

Lillian Vernon