Client Profile:
Bose Corporation

bose logoWhen you hear the name "Bose," words like excellence, reliability, innovation and sophistication come immediately to mind. The company is known worldwide as a leader in advanced sound technology.

When Framingham, MA-based company began rolling out showcase stores in high-end shopping malls around the country, they called on Organization By Design to help conceptualize, design and introduce new employee uniforms to all retail employees. Needed were two sets of uniforms - appropriate for the new stores and the existing factory outlets - that would instantly communicate Bose's corporate philosophy to its customers.

"We wanted a look that would increase the visual impact and self-confidence of our sales associates," comments David Wood, Director of Bose Retail DirectGroup. "Mary Lou visited our stores, took a close look at our marketing strategy and pulled together a team of vendors to create winning wardrobes for both stores.

"The new looks were unveiled at an annual sales meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona," adds David. "District Managers volunteered to model the new uniforms and an extensive question and answer session with Mary Lou provided managers from across the country a valuable opportunity to get specific professional image questions answered."

Sales associates at Bose showcase stores are now outfitted in blue chambray dress shirts and black slacks. The outfit is completed with black tee shirts, belts and shoes.

For the sales associates at the factory stores, the casual look they are currently wearing was upgraded and perfected. Because a good fit is important to self-confidence and overall professionalism, the sales associates' khakis are now coordinated with hunter green polo shirts cut in a variety of sizes for both men and women.

To ensure a strong brand image is maintained throughout the country, the name badges assigned to employees at both stores are the same. Re-designed in a brushed silver metal to suggest the company's high-tech products, the badges are actually the word "Bose" shaped in the company's easily identifiable logo with a space for individual names.

The goals of the new wardrobe program are simple. When a customer visits a Bose store, they are greeted by professionally dressed, knowledgeable and self-confident staff. The appearance of the store and the image and demeanor of its people combine to create a welcoming environment, setting Bose apart from other sellers of high technology equipment and inspiring trust, respect and credibility for its products as well as its people.