Fashion Q&A: Socks with Khaki Pants

Q: When I wear khaki pants and black shoes, what color socks should I wear? My shirt or sweater may be white, black or another color. Sometimes, I wear socks to match my pants and sometimes I wear socks to match my black shoes and black belt. I am not sure that either one looks right. Maybe I shouldn’t wear black shoes with khaki pants! What advice can you give me about pulling together the right look?!

A: Black loafers work well with khaki pants, especially in the cooler months. Since the pants are light in color and fabrication, black shoes ground the look while helping you to look seasonally appropriate. Black shoes are also the most fashion-forward choice to wear with the outfit you are describing.

Black socks are the correct choice to wear with this outfit. It is best to match your shoes with your socks — it’s a fool-proof strategy when you are wearing black shoes.

A black turtleneck is easy to pair with the pants and shoes and always works. A white shirt also looks smart with khakis. Try tying a black cardigan around your neck when wearing a white shirt with your khakis and black shoes and socks to further pull the look together. Some silver jewelry at your neck and ears with some black detailing will also help you feel really pulled together!

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