Kathy Smith
Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Five Fresh Ideas for Starting 2017 in Style

By Dressing Well Stylist Kathy Smith

Time to pack away the holiday sweaters and push the refresh button on your winter wardrobe. Below are 5 fresh ideas to help you get started.

Editor’s Note: You asked, we listened! If you are interested in purchasing any of the merchandise we selected, click on the image. To be redirected back to our site, simply close the window pane of the page you are on.

#1 Colorful Watches 

The bolder the better! They can look very smart in many office environments too – especially in creative, high-tech and other industries where this type of modern vibe is appropriate (and appreciated!)

#2 Freshen with Fur Scarves

Whether real or faux (that decision is all yours!), a fur “collar” placed on coats, sweaters and even blouses adds warmth and style.

#3 Rolled-Neck Sweaters

Connect with your inner Mr. Rogers by adding this “nifty” style to your sweater collection. Primarily a trend for men, these sweaters move well from day to evening, easily coordinate with slacks and jeans and look great with a range of shirts and ties.

#4 Modern Foundations

High-tech fabrics, fresh colors and interesting patterns make today’s long underwear the perfect foundation for outdoor (and indoor!) activities all winter long. Certain styles work overtime at the office too when they are layered underneath things properly. Women, some can also slim the body naturally without the discomfort often associated with traditional body shaper garments.

#5 Winter Botanicals

Finally, this fun trend helps you lighten up dark base neutrals while mentally preparing for spring! Shoes, scarves, ties, blouses and shirts wear this fashion statement particularly well.

Last Word

Remember to visit your closet and retire things you no longer need or wear before adding too many new things to your wardrobe. After all, the key to dressing well is to do more with less so that you can get out the door faster and most appropriately dressed for your day. We welcome your comments as the New Year unfolds and we continue rolling out new blog posts. Happy New Year!

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Kathy Smith

For Kathy Smith, clothing and fashion are an extension of who she is. Raised by a mom who was a professional model, Kathy had a bird’s eye view into styling at an early age as she accompanied her mom on photo shoots and watched as a styling team pulled together an eclectic array of clothing and accessories for her mom to bring to life. She recalls being stimulated by the colors, shapes and silhouettes of the selected fashions and speaks fondly of the impact this experience had on her career path.

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Maryanne 2017-01-12 14:28

Love, LOVE, love your blog! Keeping us stylish is hard work. While I’ve escaped the snow and embraced the Silicon Valley lifestyle (now am almost always attired in boots [even in the summer with dresses] and jeans), I make sure to add an Hermes bracelet and scarf. I treasure the time I've spent with you "in my closet" and try to always think "what would Mary Lou do" when I dress. You are my secret weapon!

MLA 2017-01-13 11:55

Awwww....you are so nice Maryanne. I remember our days together with great fondness. Keep rocking those accessories -- you have wonderful style!

Nancy kelley 2017-01-13 20:35

Great advice! Thank you Kathy. I love your ideas.


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